Just, No: Most horrifying Tinder Profiles Part 1

It’s really not that hard. Tinder rates people on a scale of 0-1 so if your first impression is somewhat OK, then you probably have a good chance of matching. But in my 2 years of Tindering, people are still having trouble grasping that concept. Here is what NOT to do.

Don’t confuse Craigslist and Tinder

Not sure what a money slave is? What does simple in this context mean? Hoping to match for more informations.

Being too honest

The LOL really helps.

Having the wrong hobbies


Being annoyingly artsy


J. Crew over here isn’t aware that picnics with bunnies aren’t the best ways to pick up a girl in NY city.

Wearing sequin dresses

Being naked and hairy

Nobody wants to see your headshot for the role of Adam in Genesis Book 1. Jesus Christ, kid.

Try not to be naked while straddling your dog who looks like he just enjoyed the sex