Need Some Quick Cash? Check Out These 10 Apps That Will Bump Up Your Bank Account

Let’s face it – we’ve all had that sinking feeling when you check your bank account in the morning and find out you spent more money on drinks the night before than you make in a single paycheck.

Not to worry!

Thanks to the on demand takeover, there are tons of ways to make extra cash in your free time. Try your hand at a couple of these apps and you’ll have your bank account at full strength in no time.

Uber | Lyft | Sidecar

Lyft + UberWhat You’ll Do: Let’s be real – if you don’t know how Uber or Lyft work, you probably don’t know how a smartphone works. If you don’t know how a smartphone works, this article probably isn’t for you.

What You’ll Need: A 4 door car registered in your name, a clean driving record, a smart phone, and an ability to wow passengers with your fascinating small talk topics.

What You’ll Make: Estimates vary, but realistically it likely ranges from $12-$20 an hour.


What You’ll Do: You’ll be renting out your residence to travelers in search of local experiences.

What You’ll Need: An empty room or house. If you live in an apartment complex, you’d likely need to check with your landlord and see if it’s ok.

What You’ll Make: Depending on the quality/location of your place, but you could make around $50-100 a night on the low end – with higher end places bringing in $300+ each night it gets booked.

Postmates | Favor


What You’ll Do: You’ll be delivering anything you could possibly think of. Eyedrops from CVS? Check. A burrito from Chipotle? Check. Pants from Nordstrom? You betcha!

What You’ll Need: A car (or a bike if you live in San Francisco), and the willpower to not take a few bites of the pad thai mid-delivery.

How Much You’ll Make: ~$10-$16/hour plus tips (usually 10-15% of the order)



What You’ll Do: You can be a grocery shopper, cashier, delivery driver, or you could do all three.

What You’ll Need: A car if you are a delivery driver. Bonus points if you love Whole Foods (let’s be honest though, who doesn’t love Whole Foods?).

How Much You’ll Make: $13-$19/hour


What You’ll Do: They essentially connect companies and people that are looking for short-term gigs lasting anywhere from a few hours to a full workday. Jobs typically involve tasks such as merchandising, loading/unloading equipment, and filling in data sheets. These jobs can be great for networking. I personally know of a few Wonoloers who have been offered full time positions from impressing their employer during Wonolo gigs.

What You’ll Need: A phone, and to do an exceptional job each time. Since these are real employers you’re working with, there’s very little tolerance for showing up late to work.

What You’ll Make: I’ve seen jobs range anywhere from $9/hour to $40/hour, and everything in between.

Seamless | Doordash

What You’ll Do: You’ll be delivering food from various restaurants to wannabe restaurant-goers.

What You’ll Need: A car and the willpower to not take a few bites of the pad thai mid-delivery.

What You’ll Make: Up to $25/hour.

Saucey | Drizly | Sqyre | Minibar

What You’ll Do: Delivering beer to thirsty frat bros, wine to sophisticated adults, and pretty much everything in between.

What You’ll Need: A car, and good eye for spotting the occasional fake ID.

What You’ll Make: ~$15-$20 an hour.


What You’ll Do: Mostly chore/errand related activities – but there’s a wide range of activities, ranging from cleaning ovens to building Ikea furniture.

What You’ll Need: To show basic competency and a clean record – Taskrabbit’s application process is the most intensive I’ve seen.

What You’ll Make: Set your own rates! You may need to start off with a lower rate initially, but some people’s rates have grown to $150/hour (not too shabby).

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

What You’ll Do: You’d be delivering anything and everything you’d find on their website to people’s doorstep.

What You’ll Need: Must be at least 21 years old, a car, and an Android phone (at least for now)

What You’ll Make: $18-$25/hour


What You’ll Do: You’ll be offering up professional services to buyers. This platform is great for gaining new skills and building up a portfolio – making you look even more attractive to potential employers.

What You’ll Need: A set of basic business skills.

What You’ll Make: $5 per gig plus add-ons, which vary depending on the service you want to provide.


What You’ll Do: I swear I’m not making this up. Surkus offers opportunities to become extras at different parties, music videos, and events. If you make it through the selection process, all you’d have to do is show up to the event and party like it was your job… which in this case it is.

What You’ll Need: A Facebook and Instagram account that shows how really, really, good looking you are.

What You’ll Make: $8-$50 per event + free booze (you read that right)

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