How to Rock a Scarf and Not Look like a Douche

There seems to be a recurring dilemma with straight men looking too douchey or metrosexual when it comes to fashion. Imagine it’s a hot day, so naturally you want to wear a tank top. But deep down you might feel like an extra for 21 Jump Street. And when it’s cold, you can’t exactly wear your snowboarding gear off the mountain and look fresh. Your girl probably has plenty of different scarves and plenty of ways to wear them. You don’t have as many options… which is a good thing. Here’s why:

Simplicity = Sophistication

Men’s scarves should be simple for this exact reason. Stick to a neutral pattern/color/design and you will be way ahead of the game. scarf1

Choose the right material

Cotton and linen scarves tend to look like feminine accessories. You want to look like you’re wearing the scarf out of necessity. Stick to fleece, cashmere and knit fabrics for a scruffy, masculine texture.


The right wrap

How you wrap the scarf is the main indicator of douche-baggery. Note how the gentleman on the left is rocking a more loose and effortless wrap. It’s cold as fuck but he also doesn’t give a fuck (or so he wants you to think). And on the right, the scarf is wrapped like an ascot. Who wears ascots? Douche bags. Sorry Brad.


Since my opinions as a female are a bit biased, I asked my fashion-forward boyfriend what his thoughts were on the topic.

Me: How can men wear a scarf and not look like a total douche?

Andrew: “The rest of your clothes have to also make you not look like a douche. The scarf isn’t gonna do anything if the rest of your outfit screams douche bag.”

Me: Do you have any advice on finding the perfect scarf for your style? What do you consider to be “douchey”?

Andrew: “Scarf advice #1- no sports scarves, football/baseball whatever that is extremely douchey. if you’re already riding a motorcycle and wearing aviators, for sure rock a bandana but otherwise you should upgrade because that shits like 99 cents.”

Me: How do you feel about prints?

Andrew: “I have a neck scarf with a cool black and white geometric print, got it in a bespoke one of a kind dip in lower Manhattan. Can’t wear it for every situation though, it’s mostly for hikes and bike rides to the beach. You gotta be careful or you might look like a gay bullfighter.”

Dressing Savvy & Stylish for This Year’s Holiday Festivities

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! Insert every single Elf GIF in existence!!!!! With all the holiday parties coming up, your wardrobe might need a little extra holiday cheer. I miss the days when I just showed up wearing whatever my mom bought me, ate all the cookies,  and passed out. I mean I still eat all the cookies, but there’s a lot more shmoozin’ and boozin’ involved. Not to mention putting together the proper outfit so Great Aunt Mabel doesn’t lose her glass eye over my skirt length. To make this month a bit easier on our minds and budgets, I’ve mapped out a holiday party guide to get you looking merry & fly as can be.

elf happy fun excited test

Family Parties

Ladies, the key is to not look like you ended up at 1Oak. So nothing too short, see-through or backless. J Crew has some amazing ideas for conservatively chic outfits. Think knit sweaters and flashy midi length skirts. Gent’s, a nice sweater and boots are fail-proof! Think what you would wear to meet your girlfriend’s fam for the first time, but more festive and less buttoned up.

Work Parties

Almost the same as dressing for a family party, but more polished and professional (depending on the job). Dress how you normally would for work but with slightly more flare and color. Maybe a pop of red on the collar, or an embellished knee length skirt.


Friend Parties

Honestly, wear whatever you want to your friend’s party because we’re gonna be more lit than a Christmas tree. Buuuuuuut if you love to dress up this is a great excuse to buy a fab outfit!! (Guys you can stop reading unless you wanna be a savvy gift giver for all the stylish ladies in yo life this year). For Love and Lemons and Stone Cold Fox’s F/W 2015 collections offer up some great inspiration, rich with crimson, charcoal and navy shades.


Nothing says “I’m here to party” more than fringe & leather


The Reformation has a fun NYE collection featuring lots of velvet and metallic knits, with various dresses named after various cocktails and Drake songs.

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