Stylish Houseplants to Spice Up Your Boring Apartment

Plants are one of the greatest gifts of nature. They purify the air, are a source of nutrition, and give aesthetic pleasure to mankind. If you’re looking to add some vitality to your naked apartment, getting a houseplant is a great way to start. Look at it this way- would you rather spend $400 at Ikea buying piece of shit rugs, throw pillows, and a canvas print of some street in Paris, or spend $30 or less on a beautiful, everlasting plant?

The best places to find cool plants at reasonable prices are local garden centers and flea markets. Avoid trendy floral shops as they significantly mark up their prices. Mini succulents and cacti should be in the $3-$5 range, whereas larger houseplants can go up to $50 depending on the size.


Photos taken by me at the Melrose Flea Market

Plants are like pets- they need TLC! So before you go out and buy your first baby, figure out where in your home it will grow best. Place smaller plants on a sunny windowsill, like in your bedroom or kitchen. This will give them the perfect amount of indirect sunlight. If you want to place them outdoors, make sure it gets enough shade during the day, because too much direct sunlight can be detrimental to the plant.unnamed

In addition to their daily dose of Vitamin D, water is crucial to a plant’s lifespan. However, every plant is different. For example, succulents and cacti retain moisture because they have evolved to survive in dry deserts. Therefore, they do not require as much water as, say, a fern. So Dr. Greenthumb, meet Dr. Google. Find out exactly what type of plant you have and do some research- some plants have more specific care requirements than others. You wouldn’t want this to go down the toilet like your beta fish Theodore did last month. 🙁

All technicalities aside, have fun and get creative with your plants! There are tons of different ways to hang and pot your plant. Go to Color Me Mine and make a custom cactus pot. Buy a trough or bowl so you can grow multiple succulents at a time. Get some fishing wire and a drill and hang one from the ceiling in your living room! For more ideas, check out all of the plant-inspo on Pinterest.

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