Minute Meals | Greek Salad

The Greeks have been fu*king up international finance lately, but their one redeemable quality is the simplicity of their Greek Salad.

It’s just so cheap and easy to make, but packed with so much flavor from common ingredients.

It’s great for snack at work or to go with your lunch, that’s why you should make at least 3 days worth.

What you need to make a killer Greek Salad and since there’s no cooking time, it’s just prep work of cutting and then just throw that shit in a big bowl.

0 minutes, but if you count chopping food, 5 minutes

4 tomatoes

No dicing. You want pretty thick cuts of your tomato

1 cucumber

Slice that shit up pretty small

Green olives

Throw a handful of those into the bunch

Olive oil

Don’t go over board. less is more

Feta cheese

This is where the flavor comes in. Cut up into squares and throw it in

Red onion

No dicing. Cut into thin strips

Green bell pepper (if you’d like)


Salt and Pepper

Always on everything ever

Now for the fun part

Wash your hands. And dig your hands into that bowl. Get in there and start mixing. When your done. Wash your hands and cover the bowl in foil and refrigerate.


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