Ways to the Top | Learning How to Take Criticism

Because we think we’re reinventing the wheel and need to be praised for our ideas every ten minutes, millennials tend to handle criticism rather poorly from our peers and colleagues. I understand, sometimes it’s a blow to our ego, but we need to rid ourselves of that mindset.

People don’t want to work with a little bi*ch that that takes things too seriously or personally. We need to learn how to take criticism because it’s the unsolicited help that’s necessary for our creative as well as personal growth.

Listen and learn:

First, evaluate if the person is important to you

If they’re not, have no record of success or nothing to support their claim, fu*k em.

If they are important to you, they’re not trying to sh*t on you, so don’t react like they are

Employers want to build and work with teams who are open to ideas and unafraid to make mistakes. It makes the brainstorm or work environment much more comfortable and provides a safe space to try things creatively and get a little vulnerable. If you flip out at the drop of a hat when someone edits your idea, well that’s going to end up shaping your work relationship.

They may have a point

Sometimes people see things you may not. Evaluate yourself and where you can change. Understand where they’re coming from and ask for clarification on what they are looking for.

Ask what you can do differently

At this age, everything should be a  learning experience, embrace the hell out of it. There is no such thing as a stupid question but don’t ask it twice. 

If it’s valuable, acknowledge it

I believe you’re a combination of all the social influences around you, the criticism might make you realize something about yourself to which you have the ability to change and be a better person.


You can and should always be learning. Now go get learned.


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