Yoga has been touted to offer many benefits ranging from back pain relief to spiritual enlightenment. But perhaps the goal that many people taking up yoga today value the most is losing weight. It’s an ironic fact that many overweight people in this modern world are looking for a solution from ancient Eastern practice. But actually, it’s a smart way to do things.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

So how can yoga help you lose weight?

The great thing about yoga is that it works on the mental and physical levels. So not only can it work to tone your body and reduce flab, but it can also give you the discipline needed to avoid temptation when passing the bakery.

First, let’s look at how yoga can help you lose weight through physical means.

Yoga involves physical movement and so burns up calories. Most yoga movements are gentle so compared to say jogging, yoga doesn’t burn up much fat.

You can find yourself sweating after a workout though. If slimming down is your main objective from yoga you should try hot yoga or power yoga which feature more energetic routines.

Yoga tones up your muscles. Asanas or postures are held for extended periods which has an isometric effect. Toned muscles make your physique look great.

Yoga helps your posture. When your limbs are loosened up, you’ll find yourself adopting a more upright posture which again enhances your physique and makes you look slimmer.

Yoga stimulates your glands. The squeezing movements in yoga postures stimulate your glands to produces more hormones. Yoga tones up your thyroid, for example. This results in a boost in metabolism.

Yoga works to develop your breathing. Vigorous breathing ramps up your metabolism and burns off that fat.

Now let’s look at how yoga can help you lose weight through developing your mind.

Yoga helps you relax. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to control eating between meals and binge eating. A relaxed mind and body are also more able to resist cravings. Have you ever found yourself reaching for the chocolate or ice cream when you’re under stress?

Yoga also energizes you. This means you’re less likely to reach for a calorie-laden ‘pick me up’.

So try yoga if you want to lose weight. You’ll find yourself getting a host of other benefits as well. If you make yoga a part of your lifestyle, you’ll probably find yourself changing your eating habits as healthy living becomes a habit.