Guide to Linkedin | Landing your First Job After College: Part 4 – Preparing for the Call

We just went over building your profile, tapping into your network, and reaching out. Now it’s time to prepare for the call.

Do your homework. Treat this call like you would an exam, but more important. By now you have worked for last 2-3 weeks planning, researching, sending emails, and following up. Do not let it all go to waste. You’ve made a great first impression. Just know other undergrads are not working this hard or this smart trying to get them on the phone. 

Three things need to be done before you take the call:

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Read their LinkedIn profile 40 times, research the companies they’ve worked for, read their Twitter feed, read articles they’ve written or even promoted.

2. Next, come up with a list of questions that will steer the conversation. They will do the majority of the talking, but it is you who is interested, so keep asking questions for as long you have them. Ask a variety of questions, make them think, make them laugh. Show them that you are curious and eager, but also have a sense of humor.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • So tell me, what did you end up doing after you graduated?
  • How did you get to where you are now?
  • What did you do in college that prepared you for where you are now?
  • what would you tell your college self?
  • What would you do differently?

3. Get centered. This is about you. Practice what you’re going to say. Go over your resume, experiences, activities, hobbies. Remember this is just a friendly phone call between two Tigers or Ducks, or whatever funny mascot represents your school, don’t be afraid to be human. Employers want to see character, not robots.

Right before the call, do this. Put on a shirt and tie. Yes, you read that correctly. Get dressed up like you would any other interview. The clothes offer another mindset for you to enter. Who doesn’t feel like a boss with a shirt and tie on? Wear it. It works. And if your roommates ask why you’re getting dressed up for a phone call, tell them, “because I’m a fu*king boss and I’m about to get this job.” Watch, next phone call they have, they’ll be wearing the same thing.

And finally. Take a deep breath before you answer the phone. You are going to nervous and probably want to talk fast and rush through it. No need to. Talk slow, be normal. Have confidence. You’re almost done, click here to learn how to get what you want and land that job. 

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