3 Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Work Attire

In the wise words of our one true and holy Saint Britney Spears, “You better work, bitch.”

In my short time as a professional person, I have never cringed harder at work than seeing a bad interview outfit walk in the door. Call me judgey, but wearing leggings and boots isn’t proper office attire unless they’re leather and you’re Kate Moss. Sorry, not sorry. I’m not being classist here either – you don’t have to be strutting around in Alexander McQueen to look professional. Here are some hard and rules about picking outfits that transition from work to weekend and vice versa.


No, girl. Not those BDSM collars that everyone is wearing right now. A white collared shirt never hurt anybody. Go crazy with stripes. Get a funky paisley print with your bad self. Collared shirts are easy, they look good on damn near everyone, and when you wear them to the club, people probably won’t assume you’re a slob. Boom.

Lazy Oaf Button Front Shirt Dress In Cat Gang Print | $106.00

Image 1 of Lazy Oaf Button Front Shirt Dress In Cat Gang Print

Sisley Slim Fit Flecked Shirt with Button Down Collar | $73.00

Image 1 of Sisley Slim Fit Flecked Shirt with Button Down Collar

Closed-toe shoes

Personally, I think people need to put their goddamned toes away. But maybe that’s just me being crotchety. Practically, however, closed-toe shoes are key to life. They keep your feet warm when the air-con is on full blast in the office. At happy hour, they help keep Karen from accounting’s hot mess from spilling all over your toes. Win-win. (Side note: There’s seriously nothing less sexy than a man walking into a bar in jeans and flip-flops when there is no beach in sight. Put ‘em away.)

Clark’s Suede Desert Boots | $130


Flat Lace-up D’ Orsay Shoes | $39.90

Image 2 of FLAT LACE-UP D' from ZaraImage 1 of FLAT LACE-UP D' from Zara


The art of the trouser has really been lost on this generation. If I saw a man (or anyone, really) wearing a casual trouser with a perfectly fitting t-shirt and the right shoes, my panties might drop on sight. Trousers don’t have to be boring. You do not have to wear trousers with the aforementioned shirt and shoes if you’re not into the young professional look. Wear trousers with sneakers. Wear them with a worn-in baseball cap. Ladies, wear trousers with fucking everything because we all know you’re fly like that.

Zara Floral Print Trousers | $49.90

Image 3 of FLORAL PRINT TROUSERS from Zara

American Apparel Black Trousers | $35Fullscreen Product Image

You can dress them upOr down
Lasse Ribergård Rasmussen wearing our Closed Bomber: http://www.closed.com/de/Men/Jacken-Maentel/Bomber-Jacke-aus-Schurwolle.html: If you work in a chill office where you don’t need to dress up to impress your boss, then go ahead and ignore this. Wear whatever you please. For everyone else, investing in key pieces is the cornerstone of your wardrobe. Always remember the number one rule, though: wear what makes you feel good. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, Karen from accounting might try to not spill her drink on you this time.

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