4 Kick-Ass Exercises to do While You’re on a Tropical Vacation

It’s common to use the Oh-I’m-on-Vacation excuse as a reason to not workout when you go on vacation to a tropical destination. Don’t sabotage all of your hard work during your vacation getaway! You can get a great workout while away and not feel so guilty when you return. Here are four ways to workout while you’re away and off your regular schedule:

Go to the Beach

There are plenty of beach activities you can do to burn some calories and do the body good! Catch some sun while you run on the beach. The soft, sandy surface creates a low impact surface for you to run on while strengthening the smaller muscles in your feet & ankles you use by running on an unstable surface. Yes, this is a bit more effort but as a result, you burn MORE calories than on a level, stable surface. Consider it a bonus to have a beautiful view and change of scenery that will keep things interesting. If you are looking for an upper body and core workout, consider renting a kayak or paddle board. Water sports on the ocean challenge your core to stabilize so you don’t fall in!3632609471_94005ce184_b

Explore the city streets by running

Perhaps you are more interested in getting to know the area you are visiting. What better way to familiarize yourself than by running on the streets? You’ll get so enthralled with exploring the beach town, you’ll be finished your workout in no time!

9704317021_2347980c63_b (1)Photo credit: daverose259 via Visualhunt / CC BY

Bodyweight exercises in your hotel room

If you’re short on time but still want an effective workout, there is a variety of movements you can do in your hotel room to raise your heart rate and torch calories. Create a 10 minute circuit consisting of as many rounds as possible of squats, burpees, planks, push ups and lunges. These types of exercises fall into a category of exercising called Metabolic Conditioning. Elevating your heart rate the way these exercises do will burn more calories, even AFTER your workout if complete, than a typical cardio workout.

Businessman in hotel room

Photo credit: Fitness Body Pro

Hit the Pool

When you go down to the pool, don’t just lay in the chairs next to the pool – take advantage of the weather and cool off by swimming laps. Swimming is a low impact, total body workout that will improve your cardiovascular health. Ease your way into it by starting with just a 20 minute swim and add five minutes each day.


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