How Not to Dress Too Trendy

If you live in a major metro/urban area, it’s a given that fashion trends for both sexes will change seasonally. The seasonal trends in more liberal cities where conservative attitudes towards dress aren’t present often bring WTF, eyebrow raising fashion choices. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in trends just a tad. Here and there, some cheap “fast fashion” items revamp old stuff in your wardrobe, adding freshness to your look without murdering the bank. There are times, however, particularly when multiple trendy items, all worn together, can make adventurous choices look foolish.

I’ve been in LA for about four years now. Guys here are more fashion conscious, more understanding of their own and other’s personal sense of style, but some of the choices you see slathered on people’s bodies are just plain bad.

Having style is about knowing the ‘traditional’ rules governing fashion, yet knowing what flexibilities to use to achieve a look that is unique and ‘hip.’ 1

When do people take shit too far?

Is it when they stack a mesh tank top with a man-bun and an all dark, monochromatic look? Yes it is that. But it’s precisely because they are stringing multiple trendy style choices back to back to back. If everything you’re wearing is trendy as fuck all day erry day, these are gonna be your photos in 20 years:

Look at that poor fu*ker on the left there. He knows exactly what’s just happened. Still living it down.

The point is this: dressing with a mix of classic style with flashes of trendy shows you’ve heard of the word subtlety. Everyone loves a good cover of an old song with some updates and tweaks. But the point is the good covers of old songs merely update the foundations of good stuff that was already there, so a new, probably younger crowd can enjoy. No one needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to clothes, certainly not through the latest trends.

Of course, rock whatever you feel comfy in. Sometimes you just have to flaunt it if you got it on certain occasions among the right kind of crowd.

Sometimes, on rare occasions (e.g. weekends?) its necessary, and everyone’s been there. But lets remember that you’d probably like to save yourself the embarrassment of having your kids–or god forbid, someone else’s kids–make fun of you for how ‘effin trendy you were in and around your college years. Especially on the internet like I just did to those poor people above.

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