Drake Releases New Video for Upcoming Album ‘Views From the 6’

It’s about time Drake dropped something new. Young Papi announced his “Views From the 6” album drop for 4/29/16. But while we wait for that, he dropped a trailer for his visual LP. Check it out above.


Thank you for your blessings, Drake, AKA:

  • Heartbreak Drake
  • Young Angel
  • Wheelchair Jimmy
  • Young Papi
  • Champagne Papi
  • Drake Drizzy Rodgers
  • Drizzy Drake Rodgers
  • Aubz
  • Shopping Bag Drizzy
  • Drake Griffin
  • Young Frankie Geechi Liberachi
  • The Chris Paul Of This Fall
  • The Lebron James Of This Rap Game
  • The Reason Why You Always Getting Faded
  • The Young Money White Knight
  • October’s Very Own
  • Mr. October
  • The Only 23 Year Old Wine Connoisseur
  • The King Of 1st Quarter
  • Light Skin Keith Sweat
  • ’91 Dan Marino
  • 6God

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