Do’s & Don’ts: Magical Mushroom Camping Trip

If the idea of going camping with an eighth of mushrooms has ever crossed your mind, I would like to share some tips and tricks to ensure you have an epic time. I took mushrooms for the very first time while on a camping trip in Sequoia National Park. It was a magical day, brimming with kaleidoscopic clouds, bedazzled trees, and life-changing revelations. But it was a WILD RIDE for someone who 1) has never taken mushrooms before and 2) does not go camping often. I know some things can’t be planned, especially when it comes to drug trips, but there are a few things I wish I knew before embarking on this psychedelic journey through the forest. Here’s what I learned the hard (rather, horrifyingly interesting) way.

DO pack yourself a bag for the day

Mushroom trips usually last around six hours, during which time you will be frolicking around like a little forest nymph. I’m about to get in serious mom mode here, but you have to pack sunscreen, a jacket, and water! I didn’t want to have to carry anything while tripping, but man did I regret that decision later on. It’s easier to feel chilly on mushrooms and not having a jacket really distracted me from enjoying the last bit of my trip. I also didn’t have any sunscreen with me all day so I returned to camp with a beautiful sunburn on my face and arms.


DON’T eat a huge meal beforehand

If anything, eat very light and vegetarian if possible. You will feel nauseous from the onset of psilocybin in your body, so having a bunch of food in your stomach won’t be very comfortable. This also impacts the drug’s effectiveness. Your trip will take much longer to kick in, which is annoying when everyone is laughing at rocks except you.

DO be cautious of your surroundings

You’re in nature, not Disneyland. Try not to be overly-cautious as that might create a negative experience, but just mindful of where you are. I ended up wandering slightly off the beaten path because I wanted to climb this big ass tree. Guess what I found next? A big ass black bear. If I hadn’t gotten so carried away and remembered that I was in a forest ridden with wild animals, I wouldn’t have been paranoid for the next hour.

DON’T try to make friends with other campers

I know you’re stoked because this is “literallaaayy the most amazing experience of my liiiiiifffeee”, but you probably look something like this:

DO bring a camera! (not professional, much buttons, so big, many expensive)

It might not capture the rainbow tie-dye swirl you saw in the trunk of a tree, but at least you’ll have something to spark that amazing memory. You’re new iPhone camera might do, just make sure you bring an extra charger so you don’t drain yours!


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