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Sometimes your music gets a little old right? How long are you going to listen to that remix of Adele’s new song before you start to hate it? It’s time to diversify your music stream a bit. The Daily Twenties has got your culture covered.

Hype Machine has been my #1 blog to get new music for like 6 years (that’s a long time in Internet years, yo). What’s cool about Hype Machine is that it’s a blog for music blogs. So it aggregates popular music found on other music blogs. They don’t actually post or write about any of the music themselves, genius!

Their about me section reads:

We’ve carefully handpicked a set of 793 music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery. This way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high.

Holy shit if everything could be that easy…oh wait, thank you Internet, it is.

How to use it

Once you get to the site it might look a little hectic but they make it really easy to navigate. It’s all based on preference. There’s a number of tabs at the top that filter the music selection: by Latest Music, Popular Music, or a Genre preference. And then you can select categories within those. hypem

I’m not going to hold your hand and walk you through how to use because you should just go and click around a bit.

How to listen

They’ve been in the streaming business for a long time, knowing how important it is to get you music ASAP. Click around and find the dashboard you want, then click the Play button and you can start listening to the stream. You’re going to want to get an account so when you really like a song, you can click the Heart and save it to your favorites for later listening.

I like to hit the Popular –> Now –> Play and listen all day.

HypeM on the go

I’ve used a lot of different applications to listen to music: Pandora, Songza, iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify. A lot of which are really great for different things. But I like to listen to underground music you won’t find on Spotify of iTunes. The Hype Machine App that was released a couple years ago has been my go-to on-the-go music app since. When the Uber driver hands me the Aux cord, I pull up Hype Machine and fire is coming through the speakers.

Here’s my stream:

Happy listening!

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