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What we’re looking for:

We’re in search of writers and contributors who have relatable, interesting, fun, and educational content and stories to share. It should be positive in focus, harness language effectively, and supply the reader with information that doesn’t make readers feel like they are wasting their time. Make them say, “huh, I never thought of that.”

We select our contributors based on writing experience, talent, and a passion for what you’re writing about. We especially love contributions that offer a fresh new take on simple things. Show us how to do things differently, better, easier. Ask yourself, “Would I want to know this?”

Every piece that appears on The Daily Twenties will receive careful and thoughtful editing before publishing, though we do expect each writer to carefully copy edit their own work before submitting. Take it seriously and we will too.

Why write for The Daily Twenties:

Getting published on The Daily Twenties gets your content in front of thousands of like-minded people each month, along with the possibility of being featured across our social channels.

Let us worry about promoting the site, worry about the admin stuff, and handle the crap that bores you or that you might not know how to handle. We give you a platform where your ideas can be on display. We will help you find your voice, within our guidelines, so that you can supply content that kicks ass and makes noise.

This site is built around overcoming the daily traps, the lack of focus, and the basic ignorance that comes with being in your twenties. We want our content to be produced by interesting people who are looking to improve themselves by attempting to vocalize ideas that help improve others as well.

Things to think about:

Is it relatable?

We’re not looking for “15 signs your boyfriend is cheating on you!” That’s not important to us. Help us learn more about the world. Help others be healthy, smart, and one step ahead.

Get to the point

It won’t be vapid listicles or 5000 word think pieces. The challenge our writers will confront will be to synthesize their “big” and important ideas into 300-600 words which inform and educate. We’re about fostering a passion for learning. If it’s really such a big idea, write a series of articles about that topic, not one giant, unfocused essay.

We’re a community

We all have experiences that overlap. If one person has a problem, others probably do too. The basic tenant of the internet is that “you’re not alone,” whatever your circumstance. Might as well share it. We don’t judge each other if someone doesn’t know something. We welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue in order to educate. Remember some people were raised differently. Asking questions can be more relevant than answering them, especially when people are listening.

Life is good

We are extremely blessed to be here, living in this moment, plugged in to a momentous cultural generation; be happy, be present. There’s always ups and downs, its natural. Just say fu*k it and keep going. You’re alive.


If you like what you see, email with the answers to these questions:

  • Name
  • Short bio telling us about yourself
  • Topics you’d like to write about (Day to Day, Kitchen, Closet, etc.)
  • How often you’d be able to submit (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • A few article ideas
  • Writing samples (if you got ’em)
  • Links to your website or published content (if you got ’em)
  • Small picture of your beautiful face (300px x 300px)
  • Social media handles (if you want)
  • Why you think you’re special enough to write for us. How can you help?


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