Cheerfully Cheap Holiday Décor

Shout out to all my fellow procrastinators- you’re not alone and you’re not a bad person. But Christmas and New Year’s Eve are right around the corner, and considering they only come once a year, the time to put up decorations would be now! Whether your parents are paying a visit or you’re just feeling the holiday spirit, there are a few somewhat effortless and cheap ways to deck the halls in the knick of time.

Christmas Tree

Remember when you used to beg your parents for the biggest and baddest tree in the lot? Yeah, well, what we don’t remember is that that Douglas Fir was about 600 bucks. If spending rent money on a disposable tree isn’t really your thing, head to Vons or Home Depot for a mini version starting at just $24. You can then place it on your kitchen table or a spacious corner in the living room. If you wanna get a little extra creative and even cost-efficient, buy a cactus! It’s an interesting twist on the pine tradition, plus, you can have it on display year-round. And if you’re extra lazy, put some pine branches in a nice vase. As for ornaments, local drugstores and the 99 cents store should have a pretty decent selection.

small Christmas tree - love this fresh tree in a tin bucket:
Put branches in a vase. | 21 Ways To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays:


OK, so they might be a pain in the ass to put up but once you do you might not ever want to take them down. Multi-colors are fun and festive, while white lights are a bit more universal and wintery. Get a hammer and some nails and go to town. Here’s some Pinspo:

I would love to have a light like the one at the Intercontenital Hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA. There's a switch by your bed that turns on the restroom light. Great for the hotel and ideal for the home!!: wine bottle lights. these are perfect for lining the top of the bar, instead of boring empty bottles: super cute idea.:


Advent Calendar

Starbucks and Lindt chocolates has one and that’s all you need to know 😀

Treat yo self


Adventure time: Walk around your neighborhood and look for a pine tree. Once you’ve found said pine tree, steal a little cluster and be on your merry way. Go to a fabric store (Michael’s) and get some red ribbon. Nail the strand above a doorway and voila! You have your very own homemade mistletoe. Don’t get a room.

Party Favors

If you end up being the hostess you gotta at least try to have the mostest. It’s actually quite cheap and easy to add some flare to your party.

Find a shiny piece of fabric or tinsel from Party City and hang it on your wall for a photo backdrop:

Photo Backdrop - Top 32 Sparkling DIY Decoration Ideas For New Years Eve Party:

Provide your peeps with some cool hair pieces

DIY this star garland crown for New Year's Eve.:

Bitches love balloons

Gisele Bündchen ♥ Terry Richardson:

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