Young People Doing Stuff | How to be a Freelance Photographer in LA

You see her all the time. Scrolling through Tumblr, or your favorite brand’s Instagram feed. Photos of hairy, bare chested men racking cocaine lines. Those photos where you ask yourself, “Damn, do I look that good lying on my bathroom floor?” Photos waiting to get reblogged because the composition rejects the usual ephemera.

Brooke Barone is the person taking those photos. And even sometimes behind the people taking those photos. Whether she’s shooting look books for small brands, snapping behind the scene photos for Vanity Fair, or making connections from her loft in Downtown LA, Brooke is on the move. Brooke shared with The Daily Twenties her grind as a freelance photographer, her style, and what she has planned next.

IMG_7111-EditAfter high school what did you end up doing?

After I graduated high school I had no freaking idea of what I was going to do but my parents were putting pressure on me to figure it out quick. So I started looking at schools with art and photography programs because it’s always something I’ve been interested in. I ended up at FIDM as a digital media major and two years later, ended up getting my AA there. Initially I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but I learned about video editing, photography, other visual arts. The classes were pretty generic during that time, like how to use the various editing softwares and stuff, so I didn’t really know how to incorporate my inspiration with the things that I wanted to do. Once I started getting into my Bachelor of Science in Business Management, which is what I’m currently in at FIDM, I started getting more into photography and implementing the ideas that I’ve been inspired by and consistently creating my own work.

Yeah I don’t think FIDM teaches you how to create your own style of photography

Yeah that is something that definitely comes from within. A lot of the stuff that they teach in school has nothing to do with finding your own style and pace. It’s something that you have to pursue on your own and they make that clear that it’s part of your own discovery.

Where does your photo style come from and how would you describe it?

I like to go against the normal comforts and push the viewers boundaries in what they’re willing to accept. My style is a feeling that I get when I’m creating that’s wrapped up in this confrontation between my camera and the subject… Making the model feel as though they have the comfort to push their own boundaries, it creates a space for them to explore what they desire that meets an equivalence to what matches my vision. There’s rarely a time where this doesn’t work out for both of us.


And it shows. These women are not looking vulnerable at all. They are dominant subjects and actually the men look like the objects. A reversal of what one would usually see.

It’s not that I want to degrade anyone, I’m focused on the woman as the primary subject and so the men become an asset to the creation. There’s a space where masculine and feminine energy combine, and I’m exploring the grey area of that space.


So where does that idea come from within you?

Sexuality is just as important as eating food. Wouldn’t it feel terrible if our families made us feel shameful for having desires to eat certain foods? From my own experiences growing up I have learned that it is not in my nature to allow a lack of knowledge toward sexuality under any circumstances.

You have a bunch of different shoots and looks on here. Walk me through the process of coming up with a shoot.

I hit up most of the girls on Instagram, some will hit up me, and then I’ll just have them come over and we’ll shoot. Initially I used to send out concepts to models, but now I just freeform and it comes out pretty fucking well.


So it sounds like its just a natural flow of ideas and movements between the model and the camera?

Yeah and I think that’s where it’s always been at and what I had to realize. Like I wanted to have that sense of inspiration and have the models feel comfortable but I started to become comfortable within myself and my work and so I didn’t really need the conceptual stuff to rely on anymore and it was more spontaneous.

So I think I remember you telling me you worked with some brands. Tell me a little about that.

Well there wasn’t really a defining point where I was suddenly a brand photographer. It just kind of evolved. So initially I started to shoot for brands without their knowledge of who I was. It started with some girls that I knew who had a high following and I would shoot clothing that they had on that was more brand oriented.

At first the brand stuff I do has at one point been completely for free because it matches my vision. Now I am pretty firm in charging to shoot brands on models.

Other brands that I like shooting for is @omweekend, @y.r.u, @badwoodx, @mandalynnswim, @petalspeacocks, @memoricapparel and many others.

What’s on your gear list?

Sony A7, 25 film cameras and awesome lenses to go with them.


What advice do you have for small brands when hiring a photographer?

Trade is always a nice option if you can’t afford to pay someone.

So what do you want to eventually do?

As of now I’ve already made some great accomplishments that are outside of what I do. Most of the people that I’ve met in my professional career have been through Instagram, I’ve met some amazing people that have referred me to kickass jobs. I’ve worked for Milk Studios a couple times, I’m starting a job with YouTube tomorrow, like BTS stuff for them. And to just keep making awesome connections and collaborations where I get to continue to be creative.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset 12256686_1669420773271261_1350939820_n 11201707_1433064403665505_498354422_n

What are some of the drawbacks and pitfalls of what you’re doing?

There’s always hard moments, but the positive experiences outweigh the negatives and so as a whole, I see all as worth while.

If you had some advice for someone looking to get into this field, what would you say.

Stay humble – keep working.


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3 Days, 3 Kinds of Babes: The Ultimate Coachella Outfit Guide

We all know that Coachella is more than just a 3 day music festival, packed with some of the best artists and good vibes to last you until next spring. It’s also a fashion show! Babes from all over the world strut their coolest duds for this weekend of madness and new Facebook profile pictures. But putting together a rad outfit can be kind of stressful. To put the Starter Pack Memes to shame here’s a guide to help you be the best babe you can be at Coachella 2016!

The Casual Babe

Whether it’s a first day vibe or the weekend mood, you’re really just here to chill and have fun. These no-fuss looks are super cute and you won’t need to spend an extra 5 minutes in a crusty Porta-Potty trying to put on the crochet dress you just fucked up at Jack U.


American Apparel bodysuit, high-waist denim shorts, tinted sunnies, & maybe some Converse.
Levi's & American Apparel bodysuit. Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad:

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad


Form-fitting, cutout overalls, minimalistic sandals (and peep the cute bandana on her wrist!)- perfect for a chill afternoon in the beer gardens.The Last Hurrah - Man Repeller:

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

Chiara Ferragni, the Queen of Street Style. Nikes & a sequin skirt. The power of a simple graphic tee. Who’da thunk it.

Chiara | @andwhatelse:

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad

This mesh bodycon looks amazing over a two-piece swimsuit. You could also tie a jean jacket around your waist and throw on a pair of ankle boots. Sexiest dress, bar(e) none.:

The Desert Babe

These looks are for the days you start off poolside with a mimosa in hand, taking it easy until Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ set time. This kinda babe likes to get a little wild and look damn good doing it.


Stone Cold Fox knows what’s up with this patterned jumpsuit & fringe earring combostone cold fox. capulet jumpsuit. #fashion:

 Photo credit: Stone Cold Fox

Channel your inner Stevie Nicks with a cool, wide-brimmed hat, loose blouse and statement jewelry.

➳➳➳☮ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Feathers Gypsy Spirit Style ~:

Pair a white fringe skirt with matching white sunnies and your squad will never lose you in a sea of basic-ness.
Best looks from the first weekend of Coachella 2015:
Honor Hamilton rocks funky culottes with a mesh top. Check her insta @Hondawgg for more groovy styles

Nasty Gals do it better:

Photo credit: Honor Hamilton

The Raver Babe

This kinda babe is like a mix of casual & desert chic, but weirder, almost futuristic. You’ll most likely find her donning 3D glasses atop a tanned boy’s shoulders in the Sahara Tent, or frolicking near the Do Lab. And if this girl is you, you probably already have something rad planned out. Here’s some quick inspo just in case:


Crazy braids and colored sunglasseshouse of holland sunglasses:

Photo credit: Shopjeen

Punchy visors are back! Grab one @


Photo credit: Nasty Gal

Mesh socks and platform oxfords
STELLA MCCARTNEY Wood & Rubber-Platform Metallic Star Oxfords - $1080 | House of Beccaria~: Courtside Socks:












Errythang adidas. Praise baby Bella

Bella Hadid does sporty chic in an Adidas body con dress and Stan Smith sneakers.:

No matter what kind of babe you decide to be for the weekend, just make sure you’re comfortable and happy! See ya on the polo fields!

What To Do When You Get Pulled Over with Weed in the Car

Medical cannabis might be legal in several states, but it remains illegal on a federal level. Police officers generally need a warrant to search you or your property, but during a traffic stop, they only need probable cause for a legal search. In theory, probable cause means the officer must have some facts or evidence that suggests you’re involved in criminal activity, but it is a loosely defined concept. The Supreme Court ruled in Heien v. North Carolina that the police can basically pull over and detain citizens for pretty much any reason whatsoever even when no real cause exists as “fair leeway for enforcing the law.” In this particular case, however, the person consented to the search, and the majority of people arrested for cannabis unfortunately give up their legal rights willingly by consenting to searches and making similar mistakes.

Many police officers find tricky ways to get citizens to give up their rights and protections voluntarily. As noted in 50 States: New York, cannabis in small amounts is only a criminal offense in NY if held in plain view, but in the 1990s, NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani found a way to get around decriminalization. How? Police officers started ordering people to empty their pockets, which would put the cannabis in plain sight and allow for criminal prosecutions. Most people are raised to believe they should always obey the police, but many arrestees would have been better off remaining silent except to deny consent to searches without a warrant. This is the type of information people need to know to avoid being arrested for cannabis.

For anyone carrying cannabis when stopped by the police, check out the LEARN Channel series How Can I Avoid Arrest with tips to help you avoid search and seizure and cannabis-related arrests. The tips include the following:

TIP #1:  Be respectful.
TIP #2:  You have the right to remain silent. Use it.
TIP #3: Travel with cannabis in a locked briefcase in your trunk.
TIP #4:  Film your interaction and detention.
TIP #5:  Do not consent to voluntary searches.
TIP #6:  Ask if you are free to go.
TIP #7:  Never physically resist a police officer.
TIP #8:  Keep a lawyer’s phone number handy.

Upcoming bonus tips will include passenger rights during a traffic stop and what to do if arrested.
Special thanks to Ariel Clark of Clark Neubert LLP for feedback and advice

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The Folly of Donald Trump

In 1968, demagogue Dixiecrat George Wallace ran on a Presidential platform that was incredibly divisive, as it appealed to the racist attitudes of voters throughout the south. In those protests, he frequently encouraged violence at rallies towards all dissenters. George Wallace would lose the nomination badly. Four years later, an assassin’s bullet permanently robbed him of his legs, thus ending his ultimate political ambition.

Now, 48 years later, demagogue Republican Donald Trump runs on an equally divisive platform that appeals to a largely White working class demographic and their anger towards neoliberal economic policies as well as their hatred towards immigrants, Muslims, and others alike. He’s equated Mexicans to killers and rapists, proposed unconstitutional surveillance of American Muslims, and suggested barring all immigrants from the Middle East.

Trump’s rallies have not been any better, as they contained instances of violence towards dissenters, such as a vet assaulting a woman last week and a supporter sucker punching a man earlier this week. Trump himself both explicitly and implicitly encourages violence at his rallies, by promising to pay for the legal fees against “tomato throwers” and even saying how he would personally like to punch a protester in the face. The frenzy of his crowds is as if he were cutting a WWE-style promo against the villain(s) of his choosing. His impoliteness, his tirades against “politically correctness,” and his insistence on “Making America Great Again,” are hallmarks of his rallies.

Late last week, thousands of protesters gathered around St. Louis, Missouri and interrupted his speech, demonstrating on behalf of the man who was assaulted at the North Carolina rally. Hours later, another diverse coalition of millennials succeeded in shutting down Trump’s rally on the campus of the University of Illinois, Chicago. Scenes of violence entered the homes via millions of television sets with people screaming and throwing punches at each other. It harkens back to the Democratic Convention of ‘68 when the Chicago P.D. brutalized protesters. However, now various political commentators across the spectrum will debate on the significance of Chicago’s rally and what it means to Trump and the GOP.

For Trump and the GOP, the answer is rather simple: the chickens have come home to roost.


Photo Credit: AP Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast

Just like Gov. Wallace in Detroit all those years ago, Trump’s divisive rhetoric, the very thing that has skyrocketed him as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, has postponed a platform for him to bloviate upon. After all, it would have been naive to expect Trump spew the double-edged sword of hateful rhetoric and neo-fascist policies without a backlash of sorts from the very people he’s targeted.donaldAs such, in a democratic society, where the 1st Amendment stands, it is inevitable and necessary for people to use whatever political power they have to confront people with power. The first amendment, as many pundits have correctly pointed to repeatedly last fall, does not and should not end on a college campus. St. Louis and Chicago were no different other than Trump’s ACME dynamite of rhetoric finally exploded right in his face as Generation Y finally fought back meaningfully.

It’s unknown exactly how last Friday’s events will hurt or help Trump. Given his substantial lead over Cruz and Rubio, he will likely remain the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. However, millions of Americans just witnessed two rallies devolve into chaos, thus further exposing Trump for what he truly is: divisive demagogic charlatan with an ego more inflated than either Trump Tower or the wall he proposes to build. This has not happened at any other nominee’s rallies on either side of the aisle. Because of the mostly millennial populace who protested at both rallies, last Friday could have very well cost Trump and the GOP the general election, if those same groups actually turn out to vote.

The GOP created this Frankenstein’s Monster with their vacuous levels of hyper-partisan politics under the Obama Administration. They scoffed at compromise at every turn, shut down the government in 2013, and frequently demonized marginalized communities (i.e., immigrants, poor people, people of color) as “takers,” especially during the 2012 election. Moreover, they failed to properly condemn Trump’s racist birther madness from several years prior, which only further fueled the flames of the Tea Party. Now, even as prominent Republicans condemn him (including the ones he supported in the past), Trump and his flock are threatening to burn the very establishment that birthed him.

Despite his insistence of being a “uniter” and his employment of empty populist rhetoric, Trump has proven yet again last week that he is indeed too polarizing to be an effective leader of a democracy. He has yet to issue any statements or speeches relaying the necessity for civility because so far he’s been anything but.

This is a man, and a party, without a plan or a course of action. He’s an emperor with no clothes and perhaps, no throne to sit upon.


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Drake Releases New Video for Upcoming Album ‘Views From the 6’

It’s about time Drake dropped something new. Young Papi announced his “Views From the 6” album drop for 4/29/16. But while we wait for that, he dropped a trailer for his visual LP. Check it out above.


Thank you for your blessings, Drake, AKA:

  • Heartbreak Drake
  • Young Angel
  • Wheelchair Jimmy
  • Young Papi
  • Champagne Papi
  • Drake Drizzy Rodgers
  • Drizzy Drake Rodgers
  • Aubz
  • Shopping Bag Drizzy
  • Drake Griffin
  • Young Frankie Geechi Liberachi
  • The Chris Paul Of This Fall
  • The Lebron James Of This Rap Game
  • The Reason Why You Always Getting Faded
  • The Young Money White Knight
  • October’s Very Own
  • Mr. October
  • The Only 23 Year Old Wine Connoisseur
  • The King Of 1st Quarter
  • Light Skin Keith Sweat
  • ’91 Dan Marino
  • 6God

This Week John Oliver Talks $25 Billion Walls and Waffle Irons

Before Late Night Tonight goes on two-week hiatus, satirist John Oliver decided to take another shot at Donald Trump for his main segment. It was only three weeks ago when John Oliver campaigned to “Make Donald Drumpf Again.” This week however, he exposes the ludicrousness and infeasibility of Trump’s proposed wall at the US-Mexico border.

As I explained before, the demagogic Donald Trump uses the divisive rhetoric of xenophobia and racism, among other things, in order to appeal to conservative voters who are dissatisfied with the GOP establishment. As Oliver points out, one policy that draws from this madness is his desire to build a Berlin Wall-esque structure between the US-Mexican border. Trump’s wall has earned the condemnation from economists and human rights activists alike, who, respectively, find his wall policy to be either economically impractical and racially incendiary.

Oliver starts off his segment by exploring the feasibility of the wall, temporarily suspending any commentary on its xenophobic nature until the near-end of the segment. Pretty quickly, using a Washington Post report, debunks Trump’s suggested cost ($4-12 billion) for constructing the wall. The conservative estimate would amount to at least $25 billion, not including its maintenance thereafter. Even Trump’s suggestion of Mexico paying for the wall ultimately falls flat given the Mexican government’s resistance to the very idea. Hilariously, the show plays a clip of former Mexican President Vicente Fox saying, “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall.”

Trump Wall GIF

And neither should any US citizen.

Furthermore, the wall would be ineffectual in actually keeping Mexican immigrants and drugs out, as there many different routes through, underneath, and around the border. As for the crime argument (i.e,. “rapists” and “drug dealers”), Oliver wisely points out, that immigrant communities have lower crime rates than native US citizens. As such, all Trump is doing is fearmongering ineffectual proposals that would only burden the taxpayers as well as continue to fuel irrational nativism.

Oliver, as well as others throughout this election, continue to expose Trump as a hot-aired candidate who lacks nuance in many of his proposals. While he appeals to the working class for his disdain of unfair free trade policies, his xenophobia is the most controversial aspect about him. As such, his wall is nothing more than another symbol (albeit an expensive one) to represent his bigotry towards Mexican immigrants. Equally disconcerting are the 70% of Republican voters who share his bigotry and actually support his ridiculous plan.

While Trump’s rhetoric in general only serves to continue to be a headache for the GOP establishment, prominent Republicans have been employing anti-immigrant rhetoric for decades. It is not as if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, ironically the sons of Cuban immigrants, are any more liberal in their positions towards undocumented immigrants. Trump is not an exception to the rule; rather, he is a product of years of xenophobic conservative orthodoxy. The only thing unorthodox is his willingness to be impolite about his views on immigrants.

Last Sunday’s episode should be a reminder of the usefulness of doing ample research for policy proposals. They can debunk pretty much any suggestion Trump has brought up so far during this election.

Oliver closes the segment on a funny note by proposing that the $25 billion taxed, which is roughly $77 per person, would be better served by purchasing a waffle iron for every civilian. Though it is absurd and unnecessary, Oliver asks the most important question of the night, “Let’s ask ourselves what kind of country do we want to wake up to? One that spends billions on an impossible, impractical symbol of fear, or one that smells like breakfast?”

I prefer the smell of breakfast, especially when there’s huevos rancheros.

4 Insane Politicians Who Would Be Better Presidents Than Donald Trump

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that Donald Trump has said some wacky shit.  But too often it seems that his statements are designed to stir up controversy rather than coming from a place of pure, unbridled insanity.  If my President is going to make ridiculous statements, I want him or her to have the crazy to back it up.  So if the rest of the world is going to mock us, then let’s give them a really good reason for it.

4) State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado)

Who is he?

Strangely, the fact that his last name sounds like a Nazi torture device is the least insane thing about him.  He goes by “Dr. Chaps”, which is a name you’d expect to see spray painted on a van advertising free child prostate exams.  The Klingster claims he performed a gay exorcism on a female sailor when he was a Navy chaplain to rid her of those pesky lesbo demons.  I know what you’re thinking: “Well that’s all well and good, but can he perform a long distance exorcism on Obama to banish the forces of evil residing inside his possessed husk?” And the answer to that is a resounding fucking yeah he can.

Why we should vote for him:

For too long we have sat idly by while Sabnock the Tempter has claimed the souls of our Representatives and Malaphar the Forsaken has run rampant in Doug the Intern.  Trump has been shockingly silent on this issue.  We need someone to stand up to the fabulous forces of darkness as they claim our little gay kids.  Perhaps the most unfair circumstance in our recent history is that we never got to witness President Dr. Chaps expel the Dark Lord Liberace from Barney Frank on the House floor.

3) Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas)

Who is she?

Sheila Jackson Lee thinks the US Constitution is 400 years old and is ready to show her support to Obama by lighting herself on fire.  “We will circle the President on fire. We will be on fire for rightness and justice,” she promised, which means she was Feeling the Burn way before 20 year old college students ever found out about Sanders.  She’s also a five time recipient of the prestigious “Meanest Congress Member” title given by the Washingtonian, which polls staffers to vote for their most hated Congressional bosses.  It might have something to do with her response to a staffer she had working 18 hour days despite her having developed a serious eye condition, saying I don’t care anything about your disability”.  But hey, at least she’s honest.

Why we should vote for her:

If there’s even a 1% chance that President Lee takes the podium, shrieks at Congress, and ends her speech by setting herself on fire during a State of the Union, then you can bet your ass I’m trying to see that.

2) Vermin Supreme (D-The Parking Lot Behind Wendy’s)

Who is he?

Vermin Supreme is the founder of the Free Pony Party and there’s a zero percent chance he doesn’t smell like alley-piss and homeless blankets.  First coming into prominence during the 2012 presidential campaign, Vermin promises a free pony for every citizen and will pass a law requiring Americans to brush their teeth.  He also vows to fund time travel research, which is arguably more feasible than Trump’s “No Muslims Allowed” plan.  Vermin wears a boot as a hat that, while ridiculous, is still more presentable than whatever has taken residence on Trump’s head.  For the 2016 elections he will be running as a Democrat, so sorry twenty-somethings, but you’re going to have to consider someone other than Bernie. It’s time to feel the Verm.

Why we should vote for him:

Imagine a future with President Supreme.  You wake up, brush your teeth (as required by law), and mount your pony steed to travel 4 hours to your job at the boot-hat factory.  It sounds pretty miserable until you remember fuck that, I’ll just use the government time machine to check out a Roman gladiator match.  The best way to make a factory job more tolerable is working with the blood of a Gallic warrior fresh on your boots.  I think Gandhi said that.

1) Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia)

Who is he?

Hank Johnson told a Navy admiral during an Armed Services Committee that he was afraid the addition of troops to Guam would cause the island to “tip over and capsize”.  I don’t even have a joke for that.  It’s expert-level stupidity that the comedic part of my brain could never have prepared for.  This man studied his way through college, clawed his way up through the rigors of politics, got elected to Congress, and then used his power as a Representative to ask the most pants-on-head retarded question I’ve ever heard an adult utter. To a Navy admiral.  Imagine if you had worked your ass off in your field for decades, finally rose to the top to become CEO of the company, and when you got the chance to be called to the White House you used that opportunity to ask Michelle which hole girls pee out of.

Why we should vote for him:

This man too stupid to be malicious.  He has that childlike curiosity that Trump found within himself and killed before his 8th birthday.  Johnson’s concerned about the impending Guamanian disaster not because his golf course/casino/human hunting enclosure might be lost, but because what did that poor island ever do to you, Navy?

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John Oliver Speaks the Truth on the Apple Vs. FBI Encryption Issue

The main segment of this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight deals with a pressing issue in our time: encryption. John Oliver examined the case with the FBI pressuring Apple Inc. into decrypting deceased San Bernardino killer Syed Farook’s cell phone. Apple is refusing to back down from the government, citing fears that weakening their encryption will make their phones more vulnerable to hackers as well as mass surveillance. Given our dependency on digital technology, Oliver’s segment exposes some crucial details that present just how complex the issue of encryption really is.

Last Week Tonight balances two sides of the argument over encryption: the pro-security vs the pro-privacy. In this case, the United States government represents the pro-security side of the debate while Apple Inc. represents the pro-privacy position. Now, pundits by definition engage in the logical fallacy of appealing to the extremes of both sides with no regards to the moderates in the middle. As such, pro-Apple pundits believe that national security interests will create an Orwellian panopticon society. On the other hand, the pro-FBI commentators will characterize the other side as threatening the state of our security. Meanwhile, Americans find themselves mixed on the issue of surveillance vs security, with more citizens opposing collection of data.

Oliver does not get trapped between the absurd extremes, instead presenting the complexity of both sides of the encryption arguments. He brings up how the New York District Attorney’s office would benefit from a pro-FBI ruling since they could then hack into the 175 cellphones they seized. However, he also brings up the various other downloadable apps that can encrypt text communication even if Apple were to cave into the government’s demands. Understanding the prevalence of encryption almost makes the FBI’s case of hacking a single cellphone a moot point.

Yet, as Oliver brilliantly stated last night, FBI’s dispute with Apple is “madly dancing on the lip of the volcano.”

While Oliver is not suggesting to protect privacy at the expense of all security, he is cautious about the potential dangers of the government weakening encryption even for “benevolent” purposes. For example, as the segment’s faux Apple commercial portrayed, should the government weaken encryption for the sake of security, it would leave user’s bank account information, emails, and texts even more vulnerable to nefarious hackers. After all, one of Apple’s main concerns as a brand is the prominence of online criminal activity brought on by their technology. Apple barely stays ahead of criminal hackers and to compromise their own security systems only allows the hackers to gain an advantage. Creating an key (or, as in this case, writing a piece of code to disable the memory wipe iPhone function) for the government would only increase the risk of potential danger even if it manages to prevent one.

Last Week Tonight suggested that undemocratic governments such as China and Russia would also benefit from weakened Apple security. To further bolster his argument, Oliver could have included North Korea as another undemocratic country who would benefit from weakened encryption, given their actions in 2014. Instead of leaking emails between corporate executives, NK could steal bank information from private citizens. In addition, cyberterrorists, foreign and domestic, would actually gain an advantage even if a few of their comrades are caught. For John Oliver, the good of protecting many phones from potential danger outweighs whatever good would come about in cracking the phone of a dead shooter.

In many ways, last night’s segment is a thematic successor to an episode last season in which he interviewed Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who exposed the US government abusing their power by collecting the private information of citizens domestic and foreign alike. We will probably see the topic revisited in some form or fashion on the show given the cultural fascination and paranoia over the surveillance state.

In all likelihood, the case between Apple and the FBI will head to the Supreme Court, where the judges will be forced to rule on the controversial “Right to Privacy.” However the courts choose to rule, it will undoubtedly impact encryption laws that could either enhance our security at the expense of our privacy or maintain our current privacy laws. Given our current War on Terror, the rise of ISIS in the Levant, and the increasing advances in technology, this issue of right to privacy vs. national security is not likely to disappear anytime soon if ever.

Catch up on it here and check back next week for another recap.

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New Hot Fire Music This Week

Don’t you love it when a friend sends you a dope playlist of new music they’ve found? Honestly, these days it might be hard to keep in touch, but nothing says “I’m thinking about you” more than a some tracks you can share with your best buds.

Well, we are your friends (holy shit is that why they called it that? #truthbomb #enlightened)

zac efron we are your friends

These are the bangers you can play on your drive to work to get pumped up for the day or even studying, but most importantly when your Uber driver hands you aux cord. Beats By Hads has all the hot fire that you’ve been looking for. Check back soon for a Coachella 2016 playlist.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

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Indica vs. Sativa: Do You Know The Difference?

Humans have used cannabis for at least 5,000 years as seeds were found in Siberian burial mounds built in 3000 B.C. In the 18th century, European scientists noticed different species inside the cannabis genus. Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus gave European hemp the official name Cannabis sativa in 1753. Thirty-two years later, French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck noted that plants from India had different physical characteristics from sativa and gave them the classification Cannabis indica. In 1924, Russian botanist D.E. Janichevsky identified a rare species he called Cannabis ruderalis, though some researchers suspect this plant is a hybrid of the other two. Over the years, farmers have crossbred the two species together and created countless hybrid strains falling into three general categories: sativa-dominant, indica-dominant and 50/50.

Differences in Physical Characteristics

Sativas are typically tall and thin and can grow up to six feet indoors and 20 feet outside, whereas indicas are short and stout and grow only two-to-four feet making them better suited to indoor cultivation. Sativas have many long branches with narrow leaves that are typically a lighter green, while indicas have fewer, shorter branches with wider blades. Sativas take 10-to-16 weeks to grow, sometimes even 20 weeks, whereas indicas mature in eight-to-12 weeks. Ruderalis is the shortest plant of all, usually reaching only two feet, with the least amount of leaves. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two important chemical ingredients found in cannabis, with THC being the substance primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects. Ruderalis holds very little THC, which is one of the main reasons why it never became popular.

Geographic Origination of the Strains

Many experts believe cannabis first appeared in the Central Asian regions of Mongolia and southern Siberia. Sativa thrived in warmer climates closer to the equator in Southeast Asia, Africa, Thailand, Mexico and Colombia. The indica species flourished in the Hindu Kush mountain range that runs from Afghanistan to Pakistan, and made it to Morocco, Nepal and Turkey. Indica survived the cooler weather and high altitude by generating a protective coat of resin. One reason growers created hybrids of sativa with indica was so that sativa could live in harsher climates. The ruderalis species is the hardiest of them all. It originated in central Russia but grows everywhere from the Himalayas to Eastern Europe.

The Benefits and Effects

Sativa offers a more energetic and cerebral high that often promotes creativity. It is the more social choice, good for deep conversations and laughter, and better suited for daytime use. Sativa often has a higher percentage of THC, and clinical studies suggest that certain strains can potentially help treat depression, fatigue and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Indica, on the other hand, is better suited for relaxation and stress relief in the evenings. Indica tends to have a higher percentage of CBD, which has valuable antiepileptic, antiinflammatory and neuroprotective effects. Compared to the head high of sativa, indica produces more of a body high that helps with chronic pain, muscle spasms and nausea. The sedative properties often induce sleepfulness and can help with insomnia, sleep apnea and anxiety.

Hybrids often achieve a balance between the two. For instance, a sativa-dominant hybrid may be cerebral and stimulating while still relaxing the body, and an indica-dominant hybrid can provide higher CBD levels and sedation without putting the person to sleep. The effects ultimately vary according to the strain and the user’s biochemistry.