3 Days, 3 Kinds of Babes: The Ultimate Coachella Outfit Guide

We all know that Coachella is more than just a 3 day music festival, packed with some of the best artists and good vibes to last you until next spring. It’s also a fashion show! Babes from all over the world strut their coolest duds for this weekend of madness and new Facebook profile pictures. But putting together a rad outfit can be kind of stressful. To put the Starter Pack Memes to shame here’s a guide to help you be the best babe you can be at Coachella 2016!

The Casual Babe

Whether it’s a first day vibe or the weekend mood, you’re really just here to chill and have fun. These no-fuss looks are super cute and you won’t need to spend an extra 5 minutes in a crusty Porta-Potty trying to put on the crochet dress you just fucked up at Jack U.


American Apparel bodysuit, high-waist denim shorts, tinted sunnies, & maybe some Converse.
Levi's & American Apparel bodysuit. Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad:

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad


Form-fitting, cutout overalls, minimalistic sandals (and peep the cute bandana on her wrist!)- perfect for a chill afternoon in the beer gardens.The Last Hurrah - Man Repeller:

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

Chiara Ferragni, the Queen of Street Style. Nikes & a sequin skirt. The power of a simple graphic tee. Who’da thunk it.

Chiara | @andwhatelse:

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad

This mesh bodycon looks amazing over a two-piece swimsuit. You could also tie a jean jacket around your waist and throw on a pair of ankle boots. Sexiest dress, bar(e) none.:

The Desert Babe

These looks are for the days you start off poolside with a mimosa in hand, taking it easy until Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ set time. This kinda babe likes to get a little wild and look damn good doing it.


Stone Cold Fox knows what’s up with this patterned jumpsuit & fringe earring combostone cold fox. capulet jumpsuit. #fashion:

 Photo credit: Stone Cold Fox

Channel your inner Stevie Nicks with a cool, wide-brimmed hat, loose blouse and statement jewelry.

➳➳➳☮ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Feathers Gypsy Spirit Style ~:

Pair a white fringe skirt with matching white sunnies and your squad will never lose you in a sea of basic-ness.
Best looks from the first weekend of Coachella 2015:
Honor Hamilton rocks funky culottes with a mesh top. Check her insta @Hondawgg for more groovy styles

Nasty Gals do it better:

Photo credit: Honor Hamilton

The Raver Babe

This kinda babe is like a mix of casual & desert chic, but weirder, almost futuristic. You’ll most likely find her donning 3D glasses atop a tanned boy’s shoulders in the Sahara Tent, or frolicking near the Do Lab. And if this girl is you, you probably already have something rad planned out. Here’s some quick inspo just in case:


Crazy braids and colored sunglasseshouse of holland sunglasses:

Photo credit: Shopjeen

Punchy visors are back! Grab one @ NastyGal.com


Photo credit: Nasty Gal

Mesh socks and platform oxfords
STELLA MCCARTNEY Wood & Rubber-Platform Metallic Star Oxfords - $1080 | House of Beccaria~: Courtside Socks:












Errythang adidas. Praise baby Bella

Bella Hadid does sporty chic in an Adidas body con dress and Stan Smith sneakers.:

No matter what kind of babe you decide to be for the weekend, just make sure you’re comfortable and happy! See ya on the polo fields!

How to Rock a Scarf and Not Look like a Douche

There seems to be a recurring dilemma with straight men looking too douchey or metrosexual when it comes to fashion. Imagine it’s a hot day, so naturally you want to wear a tank top. But deep down you might feel like an extra for 21 Jump Street. And when it’s cold, you can’t exactly wear your snowboarding gear off the mountain and look fresh. Your girl probably has plenty of different scarves and plenty of ways to wear them. You don’t have as many options… which is a good thing. Here’s why:

Simplicity = Sophistication

Men’s scarves should be simple for this exact reason. Stick to a neutral pattern/color/design and you will be way ahead of the game. scarf1

Choose the right material

Cotton and linen scarves tend to look like feminine accessories. You want to look like you’re wearing the scarf out of necessity. Stick to fleece, cashmere and knit fabrics for a scruffy, masculine texture.


The right wrap

How you wrap the scarf is the main indicator of douche-baggery. Note how the gentleman on the left is rocking a more loose and effortless wrap. It’s cold as fuck but he also doesn’t give a fuck (or so he wants you to think). And on the right, the scarf is wrapped like an ascot. Who wears ascots? Douche bags. Sorry Brad.


Since my opinions as a female are a bit biased, I asked my fashion-forward boyfriend what his thoughts were on the topic.

Me: How can men wear a scarf and not look like a total douche?

Andrew: “The rest of your clothes have to also make you not look like a douche. The scarf isn’t gonna do anything if the rest of your outfit screams douche bag.”

Me: Do you have any advice on finding the perfect scarf for your style? What do you consider to be “douchey”?

Andrew: “Scarf advice #1- no sports scarves, football/baseball whatever that is extremely douchey. if you’re already riding a motorcycle and wearing aviators, for sure rock a bandana but otherwise you should upgrade because that shits like 99 cents.”

Me: How do you feel about prints?

Andrew: “I have a neck scarf with a cool black and white geometric print, got it in a bespoke one of a kind dip in lower Manhattan. Can’t wear it for every situation though, it’s mostly for hikes and bike rides to the beach. You gotta be careful or you might look like a gay bullfighter.”

3 Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Work Attire

In the wise words of our one true and holy Saint Britney Spears, “You better work, bitch.”

In my short time as a professional person, I have never cringed harder at work than seeing a bad interview outfit walk in the door. Call me judgey, but wearing leggings and boots isn’t proper office attire unless they’re leather and you’re Kate Moss. Sorry, not sorry. I’m not being classist here either – you don’t have to be strutting around in Alexander McQueen to look professional. Here are some hard and rules about picking outfits that transition from work to weekend and vice versa.


No, girl. Not those BDSM collars that everyone is wearing right now. A white collared shirt never hurt anybody. Go crazy with stripes. Get a funky paisley print with your bad self. Collared shirts are easy, they look good on damn near everyone, and when you wear them to the club, people probably won’t assume you’re a slob. Boom.

Lazy Oaf Button Front Shirt Dress In Cat Gang Print | $106.00

Image 1 of Lazy Oaf Button Front Shirt Dress In Cat Gang Print

Sisley Slim Fit Flecked Shirt with Button Down Collar | $73.00

Image 1 of Sisley Slim Fit Flecked Shirt with Button Down Collar

Closed-toe shoes

Personally, I think people need to put their goddamned toes away. But maybe that’s just me being crotchety. Practically, however, closed-toe shoes are key to life. They keep your feet warm when the air-con is on full blast in the office. At happy hour, they help keep Karen from accounting’s hot mess from spilling all over your toes. Win-win. (Side note: There’s seriously nothing less sexy than a man walking into a bar in jeans and flip-flops when there is no beach in sight. Put ‘em away.)

Clark’s Suede Desert Boots | $130


Flat Lace-up D’ Orsay Shoes | $39.90

Image 2 of FLAT LACE-UP D' from ZaraImage 1 of FLAT LACE-UP D' from Zara


The art of the trouser has really been lost on this generation. If I saw a man (or anyone, really) wearing a casual trouser with a perfectly fitting t-shirt and the right shoes, my panties might drop on sight. Trousers don’t have to be boring. You do not have to wear trousers with the aforementioned shirt and shoes if you’re not into the young professional look. Wear trousers with sneakers. Wear them with a worn-in baseball cap. Ladies, wear trousers with fucking everything because we all know you’re fly like that.

Zara Floral Print Trousers | $49.90

Image 3 of FLORAL PRINT TROUSERS from Zara

American Apparel Black Trousers | $35Fullscreen Product Image

You can dress them upOr down
Lasse Ribergård Rasmussen wearing our Closed Bomber: http://www.closed.com/de/Men/Jacken-Maentel/Bomber-Jacke-aus-Schurwolle.html: If you work in a chill office where you don’t need to dress up to impress your boss, then go ahead and ignore this. Wear whatever you please. For everyone else, investing in key pieces is the cornerstone of your wardrobe. Always remember the number one rule, though: wear what makes you feel good. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, Karen from accounting might try to not spill her drink on you this time.

Socks, Sandals, and Sex Appeal

It’s only 3 months into 2016, but shit is already getting weird. Kim K took up the feminist cause (sort of), we have the human personification of a strip-mall tanning salon running for president, and telling your girlfriends you’re turned on by dad bods is no cause for question.

It’s as good a time as any for rule breaking in fashion. Enter: Socks and Sandals. I’m officially declaring 2016 the year young adults reclaim this comfy ass look from dads who need to get it together. Let’s explore, shall we?

First off, you’re going to need a good pair of socks. This is the core of your look, so invest in a pair you really like or at least are comfortable in.






Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.19.03 PM

American Apparel


Next, you need a pair of sandals. Any of your favorite pairs will do. Tevas? Yes. Birkenstocks? Yup. The trendy platform ones with tons of straps? You betcha.


ASOS HEALER Heeled Sandalsloeffler-randall-silver-pia-foam-wedge-1_2_1_2

Pia Wedge Sandal

Original Universal



Now that you’ve got your basics set up, you are likely asking, “What the hell do I actually wear with this?” Never fear, dear reader. Depending on your sock situation, you can dress this look up with a dress to be feminine, take it funky with a patterned trouser, or just go straight comfy at with a tshirt and jeans. See below for examples!


The Mom Edit

The moral of the story is that you should wear comfy things and relish in it. As a personally petite woman, heels are an inevitable staple of my wardrobe that socks help make a tad bit more comfortable. If you feel best in your Louboutins or Birkenstocks without socks, so be it! There are no such things as fashion “don’ts” if you own your style and tell the rest of the world where they can send it. It’s 2016 and god damn it, socks and sandals are sexy.

Tinder Tips: Looks That’ll Get You Laid

Ever struggled with the decision about what outfit to wear when meeting someone from Tinder? Yup, me too. As a person who initially engaged with her current boo on the app, it was a question that needed answering…for science. I asked 50 people, “if you were on a Tinder date with a hard 9, what could they wear to boost themselves up to a soft 10?” The responses were weird, wonderful, and insightful. Here are the answers, straight from the horse’s mouths.


If they put effort into their look for a Tinder date it could mean they are excited to go out with me!” – Ruben C.


“I’m really into guys wearing cuffed pants with socks and Vans, it’s so effortlessly cool without being stuck up! The other day I saw some dude wearing a bowling shirt that said “Dak”, but that wasn’t his name and I was like, BOING! (P.S. Flip flops are an automatic minus 12!) (P.P.S. I think I’m into mechanics, I just realized.) – Gaby L.


“A random colored lipstick.” Pat R.


“Take a layer off! Sometimes I feel like they over-accessorize – a hat, a watch, a jacket and kicks. Too much! Keep it simple.” – Caroline H.


“ Nothing. Wear nothing” – Nicole W.

“Nothing is sexier on a man than a cool button up or graphic tee, some skinny distressed jeans and statement boots with a cap. That’s a solid 10 right there…but they can do without the cap too.” – Cecelia P.


“Muscled guys look better in simpler outfits. Something that shows off their active/fit lifestyle and personality with well-fitting quality jeans + a simple colored shirt (bonus points for a quarter sleeved button down) + a nice watch and…oddly enough, flip-flops or boat shoes. I like casual wear. Some sneakers can work. Like Forrest Gump says, “shoes are very important.” There’s no quicker way to kill a good dude outfit than with ugly dad barbecue running shoes. As for girls, same rules apply. If you’re the sporty type, wear sporty. If you’re the cinephile hipster type of lady, go dapper.” – Bella R.


“Ermm, a nice shirt and good shoes. Oh, and jeans or trousers that show off their sweet ass. S’all bout dem cheeks.” – Kelly T.

“I would say I like a button up short sleeve shirt that has a fun tiny print, buttoned up all the way.” – Hannah K.


“Funny t-shirt, jeans, converse. Bonus points for a beard.” – Mandy S.


“ I would say a man bun, but I guess that’s technically not clothes?” – Amanda B.


“Dungarees. Was that a bad answer?” – Ricky W.


“In my opinion? I love manly men. They would be simple – wear fly boots, sexy jeans, and a casual tee shirt” – Carly L.


“I went on a date with a guy who was completely cute, but I think what solidified his first impression was his button up. I remember it clearly. He had the sleeves rolled up, but it was this casual, sexy, didn’t-try-too-hard top that just impressed me so much. It made him look effortless. That’s just so sexy.” – Emily T.


swag parks and recreation aziz ansari tom haverford swagger



“A blazer and nice jeans, that would definitely push him up to a soft ten. With girls it’s harder because a girl’s personality can outshine anything she’s wearing. Honestly, though, if a girl is wearing a beanie that would bump her up. I love girls in beanies!” – Emily M.


“Hair is the most underrated characteristic for girls. Nice hair is important to me.” – Brendan W.

“I definitely prefer guys who dress simply and cleanly. It’s more about the fit of clothes. My ideal outfit on a guy would probably be a Henley tee, well-fitting slim black jeans and nice shoes like the Clark desert boots, preferably in black leather or suede. My experience says that this combo makes guys seem taller!” – Nicole A.


“Some really nice jeans that make the booty look good.” – Hannah S.


So there you have it. Keep in mind that what is most important when getting dressed for a Tinder date (or any date for that matter,) is feeling good for you. Everybody likes a little something different, so you might as well wear what you like and worry less about impressing your date. You never know, they might find that new scarf pretty sexy. Happy swiping!

Dressing Savvy & Stylish for This Year’s Holiday Festivities

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! Insert every single Elf GIF in existence!!!!! With all the holiday parties coming up, your wardrobe might need a little extra holiday cheer. I miss the days when I just showed up wearing whatever my mom bought me, ate all the cookies,  and passed out. I mean I still eat all the cookies, but there’s a lot more shmoozin’ and boozin’ involved. Not to mention putting together the proper outfit so Great Aunt Mabel doesn’t lose her glass eye over my skirt length. To make this month a bit easier on our minds and budgets, I’ve mapped out a holiday party guide to get you looking merry & fly as can be.

elf happy fun excited test

Family Parties

Ladies, the key is to not look like you ended up at 1Oak. So nothing too short, see-through or backless. J Crew has some amazing ideas for conservatively chic outfits. Think knit sweaters and flashy midi length skirts. Gent’s, a nice sweater and boots are fail-proof! Think what you would wear to meet your girlfriend’s fam for the first time, but more festive and less buttoned up.

Work Parties

Almost the same as dressing for a family party, but more polished and professional (depending on the job). Dress how you normally would for work but with slightly more flare and color. Maybe a pop of red on the collar, or an embellished knee length skirt.


Friend Parties

Honestly, wear whatever you want to your friend’s party because we’re gonna be more lit than a Christmas tree. Buuuuuuut if you love to dress up this is a great excuse to buy a fab outfit!! (Guys you can stop reading unless you wanna be a savvy gift giver for all the stylish ladies in yo life this year). For Love and Lemons and Stone Cold Fox’s F/W 2015 collections offer up some great inspiration, rich with crimson, charcoal and navy shades.


Nothing says “I’m here to party” more than fringe & leather


The Reformation has a fun NYE collection featuring lots of velvet and metallic knits, with various dresses named after various cocktails and Drake songs.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

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Thrift Shopping the Smart Way

I started shopping at thrift stores as a way to give life to my lifeless closet and save money along the way. New clothes are expensive – especially to someone making a peanut-sized salary, which was me just out of college – and blending in is boring, so thrifting has been kind of a life saver. And the good thing is, even if you’ve never done it before, you too can shop secondhand like a pro. Read on for a few things to know before you get your hands dirty. And because the video for Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” is so damn awesome, the visuals are dedicated to it.

Macklemore Thrift Shop animated GIF

Make a Plan

Before you leave, make a list of what you’re looking for. Thrift shopping can be seriously overwhelming – if it wasn’t, people would do it all the time – so going into it with a plan of action is key. Think about what shapes, styles, colors, fabrics, etc. you want, so then you can sort through rows or piles of clothes more quickly. Indecisiveness will slow the process and eat at your patience, and before you know it, half an hour has passed and you’re still on the same rack. That said, don’t be afraid of taking your sweet time. You can’t rush finding the perfect vintage tee or scarf (really, though).

Music Tv animated GIF

Shop the Whole Store

Forget everything you know about non-secondhand shopping. Entering a thrift store is kind of like that scene in Mean Girls where Cady fantasizes about attacking Regina like a wild animal in the lunch room, only, you’re Lindsay Lohan and the clothes are Regina. There aren’t any rules, so you have to tackle everything (without, you know, tearing it to shreds). Many places section off pieces by category and size, but it tends to be a little messier, so comb around for stuff that may be in the wrong place and only loosely follow the size markers, because some larges look small and vice versa. Then, check out the men’s or boy’s section. I’ve found some of the best things there – plus, it’s usually cheaper and less picked through.

Macklemore Macklemore And Ryan Lewis animated GIF

Look for Potential

If you have an eye for DIY and a few tools (or a tailor), then the thrift store is your oyster. With a little inspiration and some trial and error, you can cut loose jeans into shorts, treat a shirt to make it thinner, make a skirt into a dress, or turn an oversized blazer into a dress. Think outside the room of stuff and make shit happen.

Macklemore Thrift Shop animated GIF

Don’t be Unrealistic

It definitely pays to be scrappy, but you can’t be unrealistic. Don’t walk away with anything that needs to be considerably altered because chances are you’ll never get around to doing it. These things will just sit in a pile somewhere until, finally, after six or some months you take them to Goodwill. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way. Something might be almost perfect, but if you’re not COMPLETELY in love with it, it’s just not worth it. This is my general shopping rule in life, because otherwise I’ll end up with a closet full of maybes and a chronic fear of looking at my bank account (although, I can’t say I’ve fully conquered either). If something would look better if it had this or that, or if it doesn’t really fit, leave it. You’re better off in the long run.

Take a Closer Look

When you do find something you like, factor in every detail. Check the tags if you can find them. Look for high-quality fabrics, like cotton, linen, silk, wool, and cashmere. Synthetic fibers, like polyester and acrylic, won’t hold up as well over time. Take washing instructions into account as well – if something is dry clean only, you may want to rethink just how badly you want it. If marked, the brand will also give you an idea of the quality and worth in terms of price. And, not to state the obvious, but it’s so important to look for imperfections of any kind. Maybe it’s missing a button or has some not-so-noticeable-but-still-noticeable armpit stains. If it’s not in the best condition, don’t buy it.

Mackelmore Coat animated GIF

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Suit Up: A Guide to Men’s Suits

The problem is a lot of guys think that they can just get something nice and wear it off the rack. Some are too intimidated to dive into the tailoring process because they think it’s weird having a guy feel you up. It’s actually easier than you think to get the most out of your suit.

Dress Shirts

If you get the right shirt, you actually don’t need to get it tailored. Some brands fit some bodies better than others. Knowing what looks good on your frame takes trying stuff on.

There are three distinct cuts: Classic, Tailored, and Slim Fit.  Stick with the slim fit, unless you are a heftier individual, then go for tailored.  Stay away from classic unless you want to look like your grandpa, and not in the cool Macklemore “Thrift Shop” way.  Slim fit dress shirts hug your body and give you all the right lines when you’re suited up.

No muffin-top fabric-bunching for you, my friend.  Knowing your collar size is paramount because most guys wear collars that are tragically too big.  A collar should be tight; you should only be able to fit two fingers between your neck and the collar, and even by doing that, it should feel snug.  The correct fit compliments and frames your best asset: Your face! (as well as creating a more modern silhouette for the rest of the shirt).

The Suit

The same rule-of-three different trims usually applies to most menswear suit lines.  Pass on classic and tailored, and walk right over to slim fit. Slim fit suits are here to stay. Slim fit suits are characterized with higher arm holes, a trimmer, slightly shorter, jacket, and flat fronts on the pants (as in no pleats). A slim fit suit is engineered to always compliment your silhouette even if you aren’t the most fit guy out there.

Don’t worry if you aren’t completely happy with your purchases or think they make you look like a skater kid trying to dress up for prom…this is where our new best friend the tailor comes in.  If you want bonus points, take the time to pick up a few pocket squares while you’re shopping. That little piece of fabric stuffed in your breast pocket not only is the mark of a true pro, but also surreptitiously draws the eye to the upper half of your figure. The Kooples has a fantastic lineup of suits.


Image credit: I Am Galla

Getting Tailor Made

Here comes the fun part.  Finding the RIGHT tailor is going to take some time. You need to find a tailor that is going to put the focus on you and your body/swag and not follow some 50 plus year template of how a man should dress.  Also, steer clear from the cigarette-reeking tailoring shops owned by someone behind the counter who you wouldn’t trust to dress you .  Nothing against those dudes, but you need to find a modern tailor who has an eye for current trends and caters to personal needs.  I use Marin Tailors in Beverly Hills, but it’s up to you to find someone hip and knowledgeable in the field.  Yelp that shit.

What You Need to Ask For

  1. It all starts with the pants.  Always ask to take the pants an inch slimmer throughout the entire length of the leg.  This takes away any last boxy shapes left in the slim cut pants and adds curves that frame your leg.  Next, tackle the crotch so it doesn’t look like you are packaging your manhood in a fed-ex box.  Have your tailor take the crotch up in front and behind.  If you got the right waist size you shouldn’t need that adjusted at all! But, most dress pants come with a little extra fabric, so if you ever need to get them let out, you probably can ask.
  1.  The jacket is definitely going to need to be taken in at the waist.  This creates a v-shape that is flattering to your torso.  You’ll know you are getting to the right place when you start seeing more of your body’s natural shape coming through.  Additionally, shorten the sleeves of the jacket so a quarter inch of shirt fabric is showing when your arms are at rest.
  1.  The modern man keeps his pants with no break. The break is the point at which the fabric bends upon touching the tops of your shoes.  You don’t want this; it’s old fashioned. They will probably ask, “medium break or small break?” Neither. You don’t want a break, because it makes you look short. Every tailor knows how to do a no break, but not every tailor recommends it (aka the old timer tailors stuck in a by-gone age). Take charge. Don’t take no for an answer.  Having no break makes your legs look longer and gives off cleaner lines; nothing is worse than having a pile of fabric sitting on top of your shoes.

You look great, man.  You’re a regular Don Draper!  Last piece of advice, when you go to your tailor, remember you are the boss.  You make the calls, so you should come in knowing what kind of look you want.  A great tailor brings his knowledge of the field to the table, but you shouldn’t be afraid to suggest a little more “no” to a “no-break”.  Try new things, print out some pictures from the latest GQ, but most importantly be confident that you are taking the first step into becoming a sartorial legend like this guy.

crazy stupid love animated GIF

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The Resurgence of the Mom Jean

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the semi-recent resurgence of the once-mocked ‘mom jean’. You know, the 100% cotton, high-waisted, fabric-heavy style that people wore in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Maybe you recall the 2003 SNL skit that made it the butt of a publicly-accepted joke (pun very much intended), starring none other than comedy favorites Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

snl animated GIF

So with that, the skinny jean took the ‘00s by storm, leaving the ‘mom jean’ to gather up dust at Goodwill. Until now. It’s like 94-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel said in the new documentary Iris: “If you hang around long enough, everything comes back.” Touché. With minimalism having more than a moment and ‘90s nostalgia still a thing of the present, the anti-skinny is “cool” again. Although, the ‘mom jean’ we know now is a little different than the fupa-friendly style that Tina and Amy made fun of. While it’s true that high-waisted, all-cotton jeans are now the norm (and, unironically, I might add), the look now is a little less mom-ish, a little more model-ish. But there’s a reason why vintage jeans like the Levi’s 501 are so popular again – they epitomize that comfy, casual, and almost androgynous look that feels so modern and so effortless. Plus, there’s this cool confidence that comes with dressing for ease, and that’s a victory in itself.

If you hang around long enough, everything comes back

Recently, I tried on a pair of jeans from Madewell that are best described as mom-ish with a hint of ‘boyfriend’ (does that make it the best friend?), and couldn’t help but really, really, really like them. Coincidentally, my mom was visiting at the time, so she tried them on too, because she’s been on the hunt for high-waisted cotton jeans that weren’t too tight. When she came out wearing the jeans that I had just minutes ago fallen in love with, pleasantly surprised that she too liked them, I had to laugh. Back when I was a teen dressed in Abercrombie and Uggs, I never in a million years would have imagined that one day I’d be reaching for the same jeans as my mom. But hey, life’s funny that way. And anything’s better than Abercrombie…

So yes, I’m all for the ‘mom jean’. Or at least, the modern ‘mom jean’. Sure, it’s not for everyone, and it’s definitely not as overtly sexy as the skinny jean, but it’s comfy as hell and will only get better with age (one of the many benefits of 100% cotton). If you’re on the fence about the ‘mom’, it’s worth noting that it isn’t just one specific style anymore – it’s a a spectrum. So if you’re into the looser look, try on different types and brands for size, because with this kind of denim, it’s difficult to know what will work and what won’t until you actually put them on. Most importantly though, wear them with confidence, because dressing for yourself means never having to say you’re sorry (whatever, it’s true).



Staying Flawless: What to Keep in Your Makeup Bag At All Times

So you just spent way too long getting ready to go to work, school, on a date, to da club, etc. Your makeup is flawless and your hair’s lookin’ gorgeous.beyonce animated GIF

You’re basically untouchable, but you’re not too excited about it. Why? Because every time, without fail, a few hours after you’ve Beyoncified yourself, you’ll look in the mirror and see the complete opposite.gross animated GIF

Your once beautiful red lip has faded and reduced to a hideous ring around the outside of your lips. Your face looks like a grease monster that has flat, oily hair. It’s just a hot, ratchet mess that’s far from the sexy beast that walked out your front door earlier that day.

Sound familiar? If so, I’m here to tell you that ends now ladies and gents! It’s a simple solution that most makeup noobs and some makeup veterans tend to overlook and forget to do. The key to staying ***flawless all day long is…please animated GIF

…to pack a makeup bag!!!

jennifer lawrence animated GIF

All you have to do is bring some of the essential products you used to get ready with that morning.

First step, invest in a super cute makeup bag that easily fits into your purse or backpack.

Not like this idiot though, too complicated.

infomercial animated GIF

Get those lips poppin’

Next, throw the lipstick or gloss you’re wearing in the bag because that’s usually the first thing to go.

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Blotting papers

If you have oily skin like me you should probably buy blotting papers…in bulk. If you don’t know what blotting papers are, they’re basically really thin pieces of magical paper that suck up all of your oils and kill the grease monster you’re used to seeing during your midday bathroom break. I use the Ulta ones because they come with 150 pieces in a little case for $3.

Face Powder

Following your blotting papers, you should definitely throw in your face powder. This will come in handy if any areas of your foundation have rubbed off or faded away, usually around your chin and mouth. It’s also perfect for us oily skinned-girls who, after blotting, can then apply more powder to the areas that get extra oily.


If you apply eyeliner to your waterline (the sliver of wet skin right above your bottom lashes) or notice that your eyeliner tends to rub off, you’ll want to pack that as well.

Hair Spray + Dry Shampoo

Moving on to hair, be sure to keep travel-sized hair spray and dry shampoo in your bag. This will keep your hair voluminous all day long.

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Your best friend

Finally, the most important item to keep in your makeup bag is a small handheld mirror. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than needing to beautify yourself only to find the universe has placed you somewhere without any reflective surfaces.

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And you’re done! This may seem like a lot to take with you everyday, but pack the things that apply to what you use on a daily basis and it’ll really take your fleek-ness to a whole other level. I really hope this helps you take your touch up routine from this…

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…to this.

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