Do Not Send this Model Dick Picks…You Don’t Want To Know What She Does With Them

Madeleine Davis writing for Jezebel re-reported that famous Instagram personality and model, Emily Sears, has a nifty little way to discourage unwanted dick pics (which she gets all the time). Sears reports that she receives at least 1-2 dick pics per day. Fed up with the online abuse and unwanted advances from horny trolls, Emily and her friend DJ Laura Luxx have taken to reaching out to online trolls significant others to expose them as revenge.

BuzzFeed News quoted Laura saying, “I think the first time I decided to contact a girlfriend was probably close to two years ago when I opened my Instagram inbox to yet another dick pic with an explicit caption about wanting to fuck me from some random guy I’d never spoken to.”

“I wrote back, telling him that his behavior was terrible, and he replied with a string of sexual slurs and abuse, and kept calling me a slut.”

When Laura clicked on the profile of the man to block him, she noticed almost every photo he had posted was with his girlfriend, and was described in captions by his girlfriend as “the best boyfriend ever!”

“I guess I felt really sad for her,” Laura said. “So I sent her a message with a screenshot of our conversation telling her that I was really sorry, but I thought she deserved to know how her boyfriend was behaving towards other women. “I know if the roles were reversed and it was my boyfriend sending that shit out, I would want to know.”
The move was so effective, Emily has adopted it as her default policy for dealing with one-eyed monsters sliding in to her DMs.

“We send the photos as a reminder for them to have respect for women,” Sears originally  tells Buzzfeed News. “I think it provides an accountability that people seem to lose online; being behind a screen gives people a false sense of anonymity.”

This should be a good reminder to guys out there that sending unrequested pictures of your “super magnum extra big time” dong to girls is a bad idea.

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Flying with Spirit

I flew Spirit Airlines recently for a trip home to visit my family. From door to door, the trip from my apartment in LA to my sister’s house in north Dallas is about 5.5 hours. So discounting the trip times to and from the airport, Spirit Airlines was in charge of my hospitality for about 4.5 hours. 4.5 hours is not a long time, yet, somehow, Spirit Airlines makes this small chunk of your day feel like a constant internal scream-fest. Even when things are going well—you’re on time, lines aren’t long, etc.—you feel like you’ve made a horrible mistake and your internal self will not shut up about it.the office animated GIF

Spirit Airlines is the public bus of air travel. Not that all public transportation is miserable, but when you’re paying one hundred dollars or more and it feels like you’re taking the local bus-route, if you bothered to fill out an online survey or comment card, it would not say nice things about the experience. It might say thinks like, “what a rip-off it is that your airline charges for carry on bags and tries to pass it off as a ‘time-saver’ during boarding” or “how come the option of a free drink isn’t built into my fare? They must cost less than 30 cents when you buy in bulk.”

When the plane pulled away from the skybridge, the attendants presented the most unenthusiastic safety briefing mankind has ever witnessed. “Use a seatbelt, or don’t, we don’t give a fuck to be honest. Either way, live or die, you’ve already paid to be here. Suck our balls. Or don’t. Again, we don’t care.” That’s the Spirit Airlines way.

The seats are very tight, even if you’re not big. They aren’t well-padded at all, so be prepared for a numb ass. Oh and your elbows are gonna hurt too, because the stainless-steel, stubby arm rests (which you will have to rock-paper-scissors for anyway) feel like the type of accommodation someone threw together and said, “yeah, that’ll do fine.” They do not do fine. Not even a little bit.

bullshit animated GIF

The plane is set up in an obvious attempt to jam as many customers on to one plane at a time. You will be charged extra to carry on a bag, not that there’s much overhead storage anyway. The staff won’t care about you either though it’s not their fault. Everyone is so seemingly miserable from the moment the step on the plane, that the staff is merely trying to survive the day. They probably catch a lot of harsh attitude from pissed of first time Spirit customers.

There’s no denying I flew round trip to Dallas for $130. That’s a great price. If I had it to do over though, I would spend the extra money on another airline that values customers more. Spirit is the fastest growing airline in America. People love the price points they push, but once you fly Spirit, your mind will probably change about “what’s really worth the money.”

Plus, the sheer amount of promo emails that flood your inbox to become a member of their frequent flyer program after you handover your email during ticket purchasing will make you regret everything just a little bit more. No—I don’t want to ever fly with you again, let alone with frequency. What would be my loyalty reward? A free soda, probably.

No thank you, Spirit. You had your chance. Discount airline or not, you make me want to hitchhike.

leonardo dicaprio animated GIF

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How Not to Dress Too Trendy

If you live in a major metro/urban area, it’s a given that fashion trends for both sexes will change seasonally. The seasonal trends in more liberal cities where conservative attitudes towards dress aren’t present often bring WTF, eyebrow raising fashion choices. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in trends just a tad. Here and there, some cheap “fast fashion” items revamp old stuff in your wardrobe, adding freshness to your look without murdering the bank. There are times, however, particularly when multiple trendy items, all worn together, can make adventurous choices look foolish.

I’ve been in LA for about four years now. Guys here are more fashion conscious, more understanding of their own and other’s personal sense of style, but some of the choices you see slathered on people’s bodies are just plain bad.

Having style is about knowing the ‘traditional’ rules governing fashion, yet knowing what flexibilities to use to achieve a look that is unique and ‘hip.’ 1

When do people take shit too far?

Is it when they stack a mesh tank top with a man-bun and an all dark, monochromatic look? Yes it is that. But it’s precisely because they are stringing multiple trendy style choices back to back to back. If everything you’re wearing is trendy as fuck all day erry day, these are gonna be your photos in 20 years:

Look at that poor fu*ker on the left there. He knows exactly what’s just happened. Still living it down.

The point is this: dressing with a mix of classic style with flashes of trendy shows you’ve heard of the word subtlety. Everyone loves a good cover of an old song with some updates and tweaks. But the point is the good covers of old songs merely update the foundations of good stuff that was already there, so a new, probably younger crowd can enjoy. No one needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to clothes, certainly not through the latest trends.

Of course, rock whatever you feel comfy in. Sometimes you just have to flaunt it if you got it on certain occasions among the right kind of crowd.

Sometimes, on rare occasions (e.g. weekends?) its necessary, and everyone’s been there. But lets remember that you’d probably like to save yourself the embarrassment of having your kids–or god forbid, someone else’s kids–make fun of you for how ‘effin trendy you were in and around your college years. Especially on the internet like I just did to those poor people above.