Young People Doing Stuff | How to be a Freelance Photographer in LA

You see her all the time. Scrolling through Tumblr, or your favorite brand’s Instagram feed. Photos of hairy, bare chested men racking cocaine lines. Those photos where you ask yourself, “Damn, do I look that good lying on my bathroom floor?” Photos waiting to get reblogged because the composition rejects the usual ephemera.

Brooke Barone is the person taking those photos. And even sometimes behind the people taking those photos. Whether she’s shooting look books for small brands, snapping behind the scene photos for Vanity Fair, or making connections from her loft in Downtown LA, Brooke is on the move. Brooke shared with The Daily Twenties her grind as a freelance photographer, her style, and what she has planned next.

IMG_7111-EditAfter high school what did you end up doing?

After I graduated high school I had no freaking idea of what I was going to do but my parents were putting pressure on me to figure it out quick. So I started looking at schools with art and photography programs because it’s always something I’ve been interested in. I ended up at FIDM as a digital media major and two years later, ended up getting my AA there. Initially I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but I learned about video editing, photography, other visual arts. The classes were pretty generic during that time, like how to use the various editing softwares and stuff, so I didn’t really know how to incorporate my inspiration with the things that I wanted to do. Once I started getting into my Bachelor of Science in Business Management, which is what I’m currently in at FIDM, I started getting more into photography and implementing the ideas that I’ve been inspired by and consistently creating my own work.

Yeah I don’t think FIDM teaches you how to create your own style of photography

Yeah that is something that definitely comes from within. A lot of the stuff that they teach in school has nothing to do with finding your own style and pace. It’s something that you have to pursue on your own and they make that clear that it’s part of your own discovery.

Where does your photo style come from and how would you describe it?

I like to go against the normal comforts and push the viewers boundaries in what they’re willing to accept. My style is a feeling that I get when I’m creating that’s wrapped up in this confrontation between my camera and the subject… Making the model feel as though they have the comfort to push their own boundaries, it creates a space for them to explore what they desire that meets an equivalence to what matches my vision. There’s rarely a time where this doesn’t work out for both of us.


And it shows. These women are not looking vulnerable at all. They are dominant subjects and actually the men look like the objects. A reversal of what one would usually see.

It’s not that I want to degrade anyone, I’m focused on the woman as the primary subject and so the men become an asset to the creation. There’s a space where masculine and feminine energy combine, and I’m exploring the grey area of that space.


So where does that idea come from within you?

Sexuality is just as important as eating food. Wouldn’t it feel terrible if our families made us feel shameful for having desires to eat certain foods? From my own experiences growing up I have learned that it is not in my nature to allow a lack of knowledge toward sexuality under any circumstances.

You have a bunch of different shoots and looks on here. Walk me through the process of coming up with a shoot.

I hit up most of the girls on Instagram, some will hit up me, and then I’ll just have them come over and we’ll shoot. Initially I used to send out concepts to models, but now I just freeform and it comes out pretty fucking well.


So it sounds like its just a natural flow of ideas and movements between the model and the camera?

Yeah and I think that’s where it’s always been at and what I had to realize. Like I wanted to have that sense of inspiration and have the models feel comfortable but I started to become comfortable within myself and my work and so I didn’t really need the conceptual stuff to rely on anymore and it was more spontaneous.

So I think I remember you telling me you worked with some brands. Tell me a little about that.

Well there wasn’t really a defining point where I was suddenly a brand photographer. It just kind of evolved. So initially I started to shoot for brands without their knowledge of who I was. It started with some girls that I knew who had a high following and I would shoot clothing that they had on that was more brand oriented.

At first the brand stuff I do has at one point been completely for free because it matches my vision. Now I am pretty firm in charging to shoot brands on models.

Other brands that I like shooting for is @omweekend, @y.r.u, @badwoodx, @mandalynnswim, @petalspeacocks, @memoricapparel and many others.

What’s on your gear list?

Sony A7, 25 film cameras and awesome lenses to go with them.


What advice do you have for small brands when hiring a photographer?

Trade is always a nice option if you can’t afford to pay someone.

So what do you want to eventually do?

As of now I’ve already made some great accomplishments that are outside of what I do. Most of the people that I’ve met in my professional career have been through Instagram, I’ve met some amazing people that have referred me to kickass jobs. I’ve worked for Milk Studios a couple times, I’m starting a job with YouTube tomorrow, like BTS stuff for them. And to just keep making awesome connections and collaborations where I get to continue to be creative.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset 12256686_1669420773271261_1350939820_n 11201707_1433064403665505_498354422_n

What are some of the drawbacks and pitfalls of what you’re doing?

There’s always hard moments, but the positive experiences outweigh the negatives and so as a whole, I see all as worth while.

If you had some advice for someone looking to get into this field, what would you say.

Stay humble – keep working.


You can follow Brooke on Instagram or Tumblr

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Drake Releases New Video for Upcoming Album ‘Views From the 6’

It’s about time Drake dropped something new. Young Papi announced his “Views From the 6” album drop for 4/29/16. But while we wait for that, he dropped a trailer for his visual LP. Check it out above.


Thank you for your blessings, Drake, AKA:

  • Heartbreak Drake
  • Young Angel
  • Wheelchair Jimmy
  • Young Papi
  • Champagne Papi
  • Drake Drizzy Rodgers
  • Drizzy Drake Rodgers
  • Aubz
  • Shopping Bag Drizzy
  • Drake Griffin
  • Young Frankie Geechi Liberachi
  • The Chris Paul Of This Fall
  • The Lebron James Of This Rap Game
  • The Reason Why You Always Getting Faded
  • The Young Money White Knight
  • October’s Very Own
  • Mr. October
  • The Only 23 Year Old Wine Connoisseur
  • The King Of 1st Quarter
  • Light Skin Keith Sweat
  • ’91 Dan Marino
  • 6God

New Hot Fire Music This Week

Don’t you love it when a friend sends you a dope playlist of new music they’ve found? Honestly, these days it might be hard to keep in touch, but nothing says “I’m thinking about you” more than a some tracks you can share with your best buds.

Well, we are your friends (holy shit is that why they called it that? #truthbomb #enlightened)

zac efron we are your friends

These are the bangers you can play on your drive to work to get pumped up for the day or even studying, but most importantly when your Uber driver hands you aux cord. Beats By Hads has all the hot fire that you’ve been looking for. Check back soon for a Coachella 2016 playlist.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

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Justin Bieber and James Cordon get Jiggy to “Uptown Funk” on Way to Grammys

You gotta love when celebrities act like human beings. Whether it’s applying our last minute beautification lotion, getting mad at your friends for matching with you, or singing and dancing in traffic, we’re all the same, except Kanye West, that guy is an alien.

Cruising to the 2016 Grammy’s, James Cordon scoops up Justin Bieber for some more carpool karaoke, singing “Uptown Funk” as they get ready to roam the red carpet. Or could this have been taped before the Biebs won a Grammy for his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, “Where Are Ü Now”? Either way, this video is like super pop culture, being pop culture.

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10 Amazing Documentaries You Need To Watch Right Now

Did you know that the son of a top Hamas leader was working as a spy for the Israeli government? Or that the Church of Scientology broke up the marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Or that Snoop Dogg was the USC Football team’s hype man?

I didn’t either, until I decided to ditch the Parks and Rec reruns and flip on a documentary (people, you should watch more of these, it makes learning fun). The world is happening around us; from pop culture and politics to sports and technology, there’s so much fodder for filmmakers to tell stories. So much so that Vice decided to create its own 24 hour cable television station to show documentary content from all over the world (trailer below)

But while you’re waiting for that deluge of knowledge, you have to check these documentaries out. They’re not only entertaining, but they’re topical as hell; information that tunes you into the broader issues going on in the world.


Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Disbelief

The only things I knew about Scientology are that Tom Cruise and John Travolta were members, and it was a weird cult. And wow was I right. But there’s so much more to it. The film presents a condensed history of Scientology, it’s founder L. Ron Hubbard and the crazy stories of abuse and exploitation of women, children, celebrities, and the freakin’ IRS. See it on HBO.


1. Green Prince

Get ready for this sh*t. What happens when the son of a founding leader in the Palestinian organization, Hamas, becomes a spy for the Israelis? They make a documentary about it, and it’s incredible. See it on Netflix.


2. The Diplomat

You know who deals with crazy foreign political leaders hell-bent on ethnic cleansing? Diplomats and ambassadors. These are a different breed of people. This documentary tells the remarkable story of the life and legacy of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, whose career spans fifty years of American foreign policy from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Told through the perspective of his eldest son David, the documentary takes you behind the scenes of high stakes diplomacy where peace is waged and wars are ended. See it on HBO.


3. Winter on Fire

This documentary is about the Ukranian’s brave social and political revolution protesting their leader’s abuse and misuse of power. See it on Netflix.


4. World War 2 from Space

World War II was fought across the world…obviously. But it’s hard to comprehend the war as linear when militaries are occupying different spaces at different moments within the same war. This documentary provides an extremely easy narrative to understand the complexities of the conflict. See it on Netflix


5. Getting Schooled

It’s no secret that NCAA players are exploited by the system. But to what extent? This documentary lays out the history and the abuse of that system. See it on Netflix


6. Beasts of No Nation

Alright, this isn’t a documentary, but it reads like one and might as well be. See it on Netflix


7. ESPN 30-For-30: Trojan War

ESPN’s 30 for 30 series takes a look at the rise and fall of the unstoppable dynasty led by Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart. It was a scene; you just couldn’t escape the hype and celebrity of USC football in the mid 2000’s, especially when Snoop Dogg was their hype-man. See it on Netflix


8. Hot Girls Wanted

The porn industry is vast and exploitative, and it could ruin your life. This documentary takes a look into the online amateur porn industry and the shelf life of a porn actress. See it on Netflix


9. The Perverts Guide to Ideology

Cultural critic and philosopher Slavoj Zizek examines the hidden themes and existential questions underlying some of Hollywood’s most renowned movies like Jaws, Taxi Driver, Full Metal Jacket and A Clockwork Orange. If you went to a liberal arts school and loved your theory classes, you’ll love this movie. See it on Netflix


10. What Our Fathers Did: A Nazis Legacy

When you’re the son of a Senior Nazi Official, that’s a history no one will let you forget. Coming soon!

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Culture Collection | NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts are Everything

NPR does a lot of things really well. Producing quality content across the board is one of them. From Planet Money, and This American Life to Tiny Desk Concerts, they really give the people what they want.

NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts is a weekly video release of incredible artists giving (tiny) intimate concerts of their latest/popular songs. They feature big artists, small artists, rappers, folk singers, 2 person bands, huge orchestras, they run the gambit of musical talent.

I’d recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel and get the videos sent to your inbox when they’re released. It’s great for finding new and upcoming artists. Plus, throw this up on your friends wall and everybody will think you’re cultured as shit!
love animated GIF

Here’s a few of our favorite videos

They are amazing. They feed the soul. We hope you enjoy!

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Culture Collection | Hype Machine is the Spot for the Best New Music

Sometimes your music gets a little old right? How long are you going to listen to that remix of Adele’s new song before you start to hate it? It’s time to diversify your music stream a bit. The Daily Twenties has got your culture covered.

Hype Machine has been my #1 blog to get new music for like 6 years (that’s a long time in Internet years, yo). What’s cool about Hype Machine is that it’s a blog for music blogs. So it aggregates popular music found on other music blogs. They don’t actually post or write about any of the music themselves, genius!

Their about me section reads:

We’ve carefully handpicked a set of 793 music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery. This way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high.

Holy shit if everything could be that easy…oh wait, thank you Internet, it is.

How to use it

Once you get to the site it might look a little hectic but they make it really easy to navigate. It’s all based on preference. There’s a number of tabs at the top that filter the music selection: by Latest Music, Popular Music, or a Genre preference. And then you can select categories within those. hypem

I’m not going to hold your hand and walk you through how to use because you should just go and click around a bit.

How to listen

They’ve been in the streaming business for a long time, knowing how important it is to get you music ASAP. Click around and find the dashboard you want, then click the Play button and you can start listening to the stream. You’re going to want to get an account so when you really like a song, you can click the Heart and save it to your favorites for later listening.

I like to hit the Popular –> Now –> Play and listen all day.

HypeM on the go

I’ve used a lot of different applications to listen to music: Pandora, Songza, iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify. A lot of which are really great for different things. But I like to listen to underground music you won’t find on Spotify of iTunes. The Hype Machine App that was released a couple years ago has been my go-to on-the-go music app since. When the Uber driver hands me the Aux cord, I pull up Hype Machine and fire is coming through the speakers.

Here’s my stream:

Happy listening!

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Young People Doing Stuff | “We Started a Feminist Podcast”

 This is the first installment in our new interview series, Young People Doing Stuff. We’re going to focus on young people making things happen for themselves, by themselves, with knowledge they worked to acquire. If you know of someone doing something that needs some recognition, email us.

Conversations around feminism and patriarchy are usually reserved for classroom talk at liberal arts colleges where professors of Gender and Women Studies are leading the conversation. And once the period ends, so does the discussion. The Left Ovaries, however, are looking to change that and keep the conversation going.

Who are The Left Ovaries? It’s the kick-ass, extremely clever, name for a feminist podcast made up of 6 twenty-something women tackling both personal and shared issues women face daily. With only a season of airtime, they’ve already explored topics regarding pornography (“Porn-O You Didn’t”), identity intersectionality (“Is Your Feminism Intersectional?”), and patriarchy (“Fu*k Patriarchy, Get Money) in addition to other topics about what it means to be a feminist in today’s culture.

The Daily Twenties had the opportunity to chat with Bianca Rosen, a 23 year old graduate student at USF, and a member of the The Left Ovaries to get the scoop on their mode of cultural engagement.

How did it all start?

We’re all actually friends from the 6th grade. It started with the three of us: Erin Breen, Shelby McNabb and myself. We also all have sisters that are close in age, so it’s the three of us plus Erin’s sister, Claire, Shelby’s sister, Mackenzie, and my sister Bella. And we’ve all been best friends growing up. 

We often found ourselves talking a lot about social issues we’re witnessing that are intertwined with gender and race and age and so many other factors. We thought, we should really start a podcast and really sit down and open these dialogues that are not solely coming from the male centered perspective that we see a lot of the time in mainstream media but really from women about women’s experiences.

On getting the ball rolling

In December 2015, I was telling a older colleague about my interests and my passion about battling gender inequality. She told me that what is most impressive to employers who are hiring is young people just going out there and starting something.

And I was thinking, I’m not going to just wait around for 20 years and hope to fall into my dream job. I want to be doing it right now. So that was the final push.

Plus my Dad is a record producer so we had the means of recording it. We figured, let’s get in the studio and do some recording and figure this out. That was January 2015 that we got the ball rolling on it and ever since it’s been going and going really well.

On how it has evolved

It definitely has evolved in that we are all struggling to find our voices as individuals. As a group we realized that when we’re talking naturally we’re always talking over each other and a lot of it is not suitable for the podcast or our audiences. So we’ve learned how to talk personally, because our podcast is rooted in personal experiences, but also professionally.

We had to learn how to be articulate but also at the same time not sound too jargon-y so people who aren’t necessarily Feminists Studies or Sociology majors can understand what we’re saying. And we really have to strike this hard balance but I really think we’ve found this voice that we’re all comfortable with and worth exploring.

How diverse is the conversation?

There’s a lot of agreement. We would probably like there to be more disagreement…I mean we don’t want to be fighting… but I think it would be interesting to see more points of view and that’s why we interview people.

And we are all white and cis-gendered people from the same demographic so we really try to acknowledge our privilege and have other people’s voices in the podcast, so we try to get different opinions that way, but in general we mostly have the same point of view. We clash maybe sometimes but rarely.

What about having a male perspective?

After our first episode a male friend approached us and asked if he could be interviewed for the show. And we found that kind of problematic. When you’re listening to a podcast with all men or you’re listening to a talkshow with all men, listeners are not like “where are the women? Where is the woman to make this a balanced conversation?”

So we haven’t had any male interviewees yet because right now we’re really focusing on people’s experiences who are left out of the dominant narrative that we see.

But we can definitely see that changing as our story evolves. For example, right now we’re working on a dating episode and we’re hoping to have someone who has experienced same-sex dating. So we’re going to have some of our male friends who date men share their experiences.

On their audience

Our audience is mostly the feminist community so we’ve gotten mostly warm reception but a lot of the time we get called out on our privilege and we always try to acknowledge and address it in our conversations but mostly we’ve had a lot of positive responses.

Our most successful social media platform is Twitter. A lot of us are constantly tapping into our networks since there’s 6 of us and we all go to different universities and programs.

We’re on iTunes and we have about 300-500 downloads per episode and we currently have 7 episodes. And our goal is to get bigger and bigger.

Where did this genius pun come from?

We thought of it when we were freshmen in high school. We made a punk band called The Left Ovaries and last year when we were thinking about a name, some brought it up and we decided that that name was gold, and we need to keep it around. So it stuck.

So what’s the future for the Left Ovaries?

We’re all passionate about the podcast and what we’re doing about battling gender inequality and just inequality in general so our hope would be to make this a career at some point. Or at least part of our careers because we all have our passions.

I’m particularly passionate about the anti-rape movement, Shelby is passionate about mobilizing women in leadership roles, so I think a lot of us want to be doing this for a while. We’re obviously doing other things at the moment, but we definitely want to see this grow to shift how people view and think about women’s experiences and influence how they’re talking about them in general.*


You can listen toThe Left Ovaries on iTunes by following this link:

And you can follow them on Twitter:

And Ig: @theleftovaries

*Transcript edited for length and clarity

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Guide to Moving Out of Your Apartment

Now that you’ve procured an awesome new studio on the Westside, there’s another aspect to getting a new place. Moving out of your apartment doesn’t just consist of renting a van and throwing shit in the back of your truck. You have to be organized and methodical about the entire process, from dealing with your landlords, calculating truck size and space to save money, to packing things carefully so you don’t smash your microwave when you unload. And because Mum’s not always going to be there to help organize and label everything, we’ll try to fill in the gaps with these tips.

Dealing with landlords

Beware! They are the lords of the land. The last thing you want to do is end up on Judge Judy countersuing a landlord over a few grand. Be as transparent and easy as possible. Breaking leases or moving out on short notice is a headache for them, especially when they have only a few days to get it up on craigslist, start showing the apartment, and finally signing another deal with another bonehead like you. It’s a vicious cycle. So if you approach them with some gratitude and lightness, you’ll get a lot farther. My old man always says,

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

…Or something like that. What he means is that, it’s easier to get what you want by flattering people and being polite to them than by making demands and being a prick. They deal with that on a daily basis; throw a wrench in their day, but for the better. I’m not saying be a pushover and lay down, but there are ways to get what you want than don’t involve losing your head. Here are some things you can avoid when moving out.

Remember to turn off all utilities

Remember the process it took just to get water, gas, and cable set up in your 40 x 40 sqft studio? Yeah, you have to do it again. Make sure you hop online and discontinue auto-pay and find out when Time Warner (or whoever) will come to get their equipment. You don’t want to be paying for power you don’t use Oh, also don’t forget to redirect your mail, I’m probably certain the new tenant won’t want your monthly subscription to Sluts magazine.

wwe animated GIF

Planning the move

Where are you going and what are you taking? Sometimes if you move into a smaller place, your skis that you used once in college are going to have to go. Can you ditch some stuff and get your buddies pick-up truck or does this job require a Uhaul? Let’s face it, it probably requires a Uhaul because you have so much shit that has sentimental value you just can’t let it go. Whoever thought having regular people self-pack and transport their belongings is a good idea is a real fucker. The only rooms I packed and unpacked were my college dorms, and even then I packed my clothes in trash bags, and threw shit underneath the bed or out the window if I didn’t know what to do with it.

So making a reservation at Uhaul requires some inquiry and patience. See, the $19.99 price on the side of the truck really doesn’t mean much because you’re going to have to pay a lot more than $19.99. That just covers the rental of the truck, it costs to drive the sucker too. It’s upwards of 89 cents/mile, so make sure you calculate your mileage and if you want to add any hazard insurance or some furniture cloth that eerily reminds me of what the smallpox blankets white settlers gave to Native Americans might have looked like, that’ll be a bit extra, partner. C’mon, that was funny.

Calculate how much truck space you need because You don’t want to pay for more space than you want. Start eyeing your furniture to see how things might fit together. Grab a tape measure and start measuring the width of things. A 10ft uhaul will usually fit a studio apartment. But if you have a buddy who will do this for you, that works too.

animated animated GIF

Pro-tip: don’t forget to buy a padlock. The trucks don’t have locks, you need your own if you want to leave it overnight. I don’t know about you, but I’m more afraid of finding a homeless guy in there than getting my stuff stolen.

Box it up, carefully

For a one bedroom you’ll probably need about 5 or six medium size boxes. It’s important you also bring a Sharpie to label each box before you pack it. It’s hard to draw on the side when it’s already packed. If you need help, here’s a video on how to make a strong and sturdy box.

Move from one side of the room to the other in one fell swoop; don’t jump around. Each space should have it’s own box. Keep a trashcan in the middle of the room to throw away junk you don’t need. This time can also double as spring cleaning. If you have artwork that you’re awesome friend Sadie made you, be sure to wrap it in a t-shirt and even some bubble wrap. The idea is to make sure you know where you put everything! You know what’s worse that packing? Unpacking. No I just made that up; they both suck.

Remember to not pack all of your cleaning supplies. You will need a swiffer, a vacuum, 409, paper towels, a duster.

Grab a buddy and be grateful

Carrying a bed is hard. It’s one of those appliances that are literally only good for what they are designed to do. You at least need your strong neighbor to help you. Make sure you give them all the information about where to be at what time and don’t forget to compensate them for helping you. It’s not fun getting up early on your day off to lift some heavy shit in the sun. Offer to buy them lunch or a 6 pack; it doesn’t hurt if you’re cute. It also doesn’t hurt if you have another friend on-call as back-up in case the first guy get’s sick or can’t make it.

television animated GIF

Concurrently, communication about your moving out date needs to be addressed with your landlord. If you’re subleasing, make sure they know what’s going on with the contracts and cash flow. That’s all anybody ever cares about; the name of the game is to not get fu*ked. Talk to them about where to leave the final check and keys and how you will receive your security deposit back.

Clean clean clean

Now that everything is packed and in the truck, it’s time to clean that thing like if Dexter and Monk had a baby (serial killer/OCD spotless). The apartment should look exactly how you found it. Part of that security deposit goes to cleaning the place for the next tenant, spend an hour making that thing look great and it’ll pay off. Dust all the windows, blinds, and high surfaces, clean the sink and countertops, vacuum everything even the ceilings and closets, then sweep, then swiffer (wet kind) all the floors, and as any good college kid knows, soak that place in Febreeze.

cleaning animated GIF

You’re done!

Make sure you have somebody to receive you on the other end and help you unload. Return the truck with the same amount of gas you started with, or they’ll charge you.

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