About Us

The Daily Twenties is a blog dedicated to millennials struggling to live in an adult world.


We grew up in the digital age, glued to our phones and screens. All the while teasing our parents about their media ineptitude. But they’re catching up while we sit here still learning lessons like how to build credit, how to iron a shirt or how to fry an egg.

We failed to learn the skills necessary to live on our own, the skills our parents grew up learning. From cooking, dressing, exercising, working, traveling, dating and much more, the Daily Twenties is here to catch everyone up to speed.

We’re here to help you avoid doing things the hard way, because cutting corners is in our blood.

Who’s involved?

The Daily Twenties is made up of a bunch of twenty-somethings just like you. Each has their own story and something to contribute. We come from all walks of life and bring something different to the discussion. If you have something to share, we’d love to have you contribute.



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