6 Time & Space-Saving Packing Tips for the Busy Traveler

The act of traveling is stressful. We all hate waiting in the security line, haggling with the rental car sales associate, and we definitely hate being on the plane with a screaming baby who is very vocal about not wanting to be there.  And the packing beforehand can be atrocious. It’s all about the stress of what to bring, how much, and if all the nonsense will fit in a 22 inch carry-on bag. So before you deal with strangers and with screaming infants, you need some peace of mind that your suitcase is precisely packed.

Needless to say, the clothing you pack in your suitcase definitely depends on what trip you are going on, and that list is just too long for a short blog post. But here are some great little tips to save space and time while packing for travel.

Roll It, Layer It

Everyone should know that rolling your clothes, especially thinner fabrics, is the way to go. It saves space and time. To create even more space, you can wrap those rolled items with rubber bands. This makes your rolls tighter and firmer. Put these items side to side on the bottom of your suitcase to create a flat layer. Your folded clothes will go on top of your rolled ones. Clothes that should be folded are of tougher fabrics while rolled items are usually cotton.

Packin’ Pills, Not Poppin’

Pill bottles are slender and long, making them easier to store inside a suitcase than other toiletry containers. What would you put in these empty drug canisters you may ask? You can put hair gel/product or lotions to keep that skin glowing and/or that hairstyle fresh on the go. You can also store Q-Tips inside empty pill bottles to keep those ears squeaky clean. And for the ladies, you can store hair ties and bobby pins inside the empty containers as well.

Extra T-P

It’s 3am at Aunt Suzi’s house, you have to use the bathroom but it’s pitch black because you can’t find the light switch, only to find that there’s no toilet paper. This is what we call helplessness. Pack like half a roll of toilet paper for emergencies like this or a bloody nose on the airplane or when you’re in the sticks and there’s literally nothing around. This is being self-sufficient.

Safely Store The Bling

For the ladies, packing jewelry can be rough on a trip. You don’t want that bling you have had for years stolen or lost. So, to combat those perils, you can put a pair of earrings through the holes of a button. The button keeps the pair safe and secure through your travels. Also, you can feed your necklaces through a bendy straw. This sounds strange, but it prevents the necklaces from being tangled and keeps them straight. You can easily spot those bad boys in your suitcase since there won’t be too many straws among your traveling items.

If It Doesn’t Fit, Wear It

Chances are your cool boots and mink coat will take up a little too much space in your suitcase if you decide to pack it. Wear your jacket and boots on the plane and open up your suitcase for more room for your 12 scarfs.

Business Fresh

If you are traveling for business, you want to be extra careful on how you pack. Roll your belts inside the collar of your folded dress shirt(s). This will save space and time and you will know exactly where your belts are. You don’t want to get those fresh business shoes scoffed. To save those wingtips, wrap your shoes in a plastic shower cap and pack them in the compartment along the wheelbase.

You also don’t want your dirty underwear sharing the same space as your suit shirts…like ewww, have you seen your underwear? Pack trash bag in the side of your bag. Instead of stuffing your dirty laundry back into your main suitcase pocket, separate it for God sakes and put it in the trash bag. That way, if you need to do laundry at the hotel, you already have a laundry bag ready.

Pro tip: You can put those pill bottles and/or chargers inside your shoes. This way, in case they slip out of your kicks, the shower cap will hold the items and keep them secure.

You Are Ready

With these tips, you should have enough room in your suitcase and have a moment to bask in the glory of your timely packing. It is time for your adventure! So when that newcomer starts wailing down the aisle, just remember that you conquered every inch of that carry on. And never forget that you my fellow travelers, are rockstars.

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