6 Financial Resolutions for Twenty-Somethings to Stick to

We work for money. We sit in an office, wash dishes, shmooze, hustle just so we can make a buck and go have Chipotle when we want. But if you ever feel guilty about paying $14 for a cocktail you could have made at home, then your finances are probably not in order. You should always know how much you can spend and where you can spend it, because if you don’t have a handle on your bank account, you’re a chump.

Here’s a few tips and tricks to be a little smarter with your cashola.

Make a budget

And stick to it. Excel is definitely under your skills on Linkedin so use it. Make a Google doc because its free and set up the following tabs: Food, Utilities, Rent, Fun, and Total. Take the time to actually enter in all of your expenses from January and see where your money is going. Then set realistic limits on what you want to spend each month and hold to it.

Pay off your credit card every month

Seriously – if you don’t then add on $3 to every item you buy, because that is interest.

Review your statement

That way you can see how much the surge actually cost you in your Uber or how much you drunkenly tipped the hot bartender. Or you know, there might be fraudulent charges. Also while your doing this, you can input the information in your budget!

Schedule reminders for your Auto-Pays

It sounds silly because that’s why you have Auto Pay, but just set a little iCal reminder on the date the money usually leaves your account. You’ll have a better idea of what your balance is and how much money you are actually spending.

Save – even just 1%

1% of $1,000 is 10 dollars. It’s not much, but you’ll feel good about saving and it adds up fast (But seriously maybe try 15% and move it right into your savings as soon as you get your paycheck or else you never will).

Get a travel credit card and use it

The more you use, the more miles you’ll get and at the end of the year you can take a swanky vacation or at least visit a friend that lives in a different state! It’s like FREE MONEY!

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